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Goodbye West Ham? Coufalo’s message scared the fans. They also remember the glory in Prague

The end of Vladimir Coufal at West Ham may be imminent. At least that’s the impression made by the status posted by the Czech defender on social networks after the Hammers’ last home game this season. Was he the last for Coufal?

Crosses and passes, that’s what decorated Vladimir Coufal during his time at West Ham.

| Photo: Profimedia/xSimonxTraylenx PSI-19663-0105

Although he was losing, West Ham eventually beat Luton 3:1 and sent his opponent to the second division. The Czech pair also made a big contribution to this. Tomáš Souček scored the winning goal, Vladimír Coufal was at the beginning of the action that led to the third goal.

The Czech representatives were not only active on the field, but also on social networks. While Souček thanked the fans for their support, Coufal wrote a message that literally scared West Ham fans. It says in it that he played the last home game for West Ham and thanked the club for everything.

Tomáš Souček celebrates a goal into the Luton net

Souček sent Luton into the second league with a goal. Then he sent a touching message to the world

“The last home game. I always enjoy playing these games and appreciate your support throughout the season. To lead your children onto the pitch at the London Stadium during ‘Our Anthem’ is truly an indescribable feeling. Thanks so much for everything Hammers,” he wrote.

There has been speculation about Coufalo’s departure from the London club for a long time. The voices began to grow even stronger after West Ham exercised an option on Coufala and the Czech defender, along with his agent, expressed dissatisfaction with her terms.

Hopefully it’s not goodbye

Even the performances of the defenders sometimes did not add much to the popularity. After some matches, the fans were significantly criticized.

But everything seems to have been forgotten. Coufala’s performance on Saturday excited the fans, and the subsequent words, on the contrary, scared them. Instead of chasing the 28-year-old out of the club, they are persuading him to stay.

“Amazing today. I hope it’s not goodbye. You can’t leave until you score a goal,” reminded Kris Coufala that even after 154 games played, he is still waiting for his first goal in the West Ham jersey, while he scored seven in 88 games for Slavia.

“Thanks for all your efforts this season. There were good and bad matches, but you always give everything for our jersey. I speak for myself when I say that I appreciate it,” assessed Paul realistically.

German soccer fans with Euro 2024 soccer logo.

Despite the protests. The official song of the football Euro is out. How do you like it?

But there was also a personal memory with a reference to Prague. It was here that West Ham celebrated its greatest success, when it was in Eden in the final Conference leagues beat Fiorentina. “I hope it’s not goodbye, Cuf. Your assists are often overlooked. Thanks for Prague, the highlight of my life with West Ham,” David sent an emotional message to Coufala and added a joint photo from the Vršovice lawn.

Everyone has their supporters and detractors, but according to West Ham fans, it seems that if Coufal’s words about his last game for West Ham come true, Coufal will be missed by Hammers fans.

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