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Good news for customers. Sugar, eggs and flour became cheaper in discount events

After the jump in the price of some foods the year before last, the market is slowly returning to normal. In discount events, people can find sugar, eggs and flour. But the price of potatoes and apples is rising.

Most retail chains in the Czech Republic quite subtly replace paper price tags with electronic ones

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The time when food due to Russian war in Ukraine in leaps and bounds became more expensive, is already gone. This is confirmed by statistics and a survey of the company Česká distribuční, which is the largest distributor of printed leaflets in the Czech Republic and a subsidiary of Vltava Labe Media. According to the findings, the price of flour fell in particular.

According to the Czech Statistical Office, in March compared to the same month last year, food and non-alcoholic beverages were about six percent cheaper.

90 percent of customers are willing to travel for up to half an hour for an interesting discount offer, the survey found:

Do you prefer a nearby store when shopping?  Or are you mainly interested in the amount of the discount?

Time is money. Czechs are willing to drive half an hour for goods on sale

Analysis by Česká distribuční states that items such as granulated sugar and eggs, which have become cheaper by a fifth compared to last year, are record holders in discounting. Compared to last year, a kilogram of plain wheat flour is cheaper on average by 35 percent, i.e. by around seven crowns. Some dairy products are also cheaper.

Promotional flyers will save you money

Of the thirteen examined items, only five of them rose in price compared to last year, especially apples and potatoes. “In any case, it is worthwhile to follow promotional flyers, which can save households up to a quarter of their expenses for purchasing basic food,” said Jaroslav Staněk, marketing and communications manager of Česká distribuční.

Why did the price of eggs, sugar, flour and/or dairy products fall? “It’s exactly what went up in price the most in 2022. The market behaved completely wildly and irrationally, and now it’s somehow returning to normal,” explained Tomáš Maier, an analyst at the Czech University of Life Sciences.

In April, the newspaper compared prices in Czech and Polish stores:

Shopping in Polish Lidl, April 4, 2024, Cieszyn, Poland

Are you going to shop in Poland? The newspaper mapped food prices

Two years ago the price of some food products rose sharply as a result of a jump in the price of electricity and gas. “For eggs and sugar, for example, the price increases were unprecedented and not rationally justified,” says Maier.

On the contrary, according to him, the rising price of apples or potatoes is associated with a worse harvest. “These are products with minimal added value, so the yield impact is much higher than for example sugar or flour,” he explained.

Bakeries are coming together

The return of prices to normal is also confirmed by the executive director of the Association of Bakers and Confectioners, Bohumil Hlavatý. “The situation this year and in the second half of last year was significantly better than in 2022, when the vast majority of bakeries ended up making a loss. At this moment, we are already managing to smooth out the losses and the bakeries are able to slowly start thinking about investments,” Hlavatý praises himself.

According to him, the wholesale price of flour has fallen by about a fifth over the past 12 months. “We expect the price to stop, we don’t expect further sharp declines. We are getting to the standard situation as it was before the Ukrainian crisis,” he added.

The consolidation package from 2024 brought a number of changes. Some goods will become cheaper because of it, while others will become more expensive:

From January 2024, what will become more expensive due to the consolidation package, and what, on the other hand, may become slightly cheaper?  The daily has prepared a large overview of VAT rates

A large overview of changes in VAT rates: What will make it more expensive, which, on the other hand, can be slightly cheaper

That’s still true people can save a lot thanks to discount flyers. This is also why they are popular with customers, especially with the older generation. However, it is not certain whether they will continue to have them available. Ministry of the Environment plans to charge for their printing in the amount of 2,500 to 3,500 crowns for each ton.

Printers fear that merchants will pass on the increased costs to prices and thus to customers. In that case, the purchased goods would become even more expensive.

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