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Gironde: a deputy mayor of Talence tried for two sexual assaults

Patrick Duart, former deputy mayor of Talence was tried on Friday January 20, 2023 before the Bordeaux criminal court. (©News Bordeaux)

He was still Deputy Mayor of Talence a few days ago. Patrick Duart71, is being prosecuted for two sexual assaults on a nurse and a life assistant between 2019 and 2020. According to the two women, the facts would have occurred at his home, during the daily care they provided to his seriously ill wife who has since died.

The chosen one was judged Friday, January 20, 2023 before the Criminal Court of Bordeaux (Gironde). A few days after resigning from his post education assistant.

“When he jumped on me, I did not react”

On the red bench, facing the magistrates, if Patrick Duart appears free, his anxiety is no less noticeable. Facing him, the only victim present, a liberal nurse, accuses him of having thrown himself on her and of having deliberately put his hands on his chest while she was providing care at her home, one day in May 2020.

“He was always very intrusive during treatment with his wife”, explains the nurse who had worked for him for five long years and also denounces having suffered “remarks on his physique, intrusive looks and questions about his sex life”.

I gave him a cushion to make him understand that he was bothering me. Once, he had warned me, telling me that if I hit him again, he would touch my breasts. When he jumped on me, I didn’t react.

The victimFreelance nurse

“She was always slapping me”, defends the former deputy who categorically denies the attack. “I just protected myself when she came to me. My hands were in contact with his chest for a second, he says. I took them down and apologized because I was embarrassed.

“Tactile behavior and questions of a sexual nature”

Patrick Duart also contests the first assault of a carer, 25 years old at the time of the events in 2019, accusing her of having pressed her against the work plan by hugging her.

“Other testimonies attest to tactile behavior and questions of a sexual nature”, however challenges the president who recounts, in turn, the words of several caregivers who came to work with the elected official. Among them, a young physiotherapist notably accuses the retiree “for asking her if she practiced sodomy”or even, “to have taken a picture of her and told her that she was really very beautiful”.

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“Questions can be intimate without being gritty”

I was able to have remarks that were perhaps not always appropriate which helped me to bear certain things that were not all rosy, concedes Patrick Duart. But no jokes about sex life”. “With her and with the others, a sort of reciprocal familiarity has developed. It’s normal when you see each other once or twice a day for years.

“This is what I call the contamination of testimonies”, deplores his lawyer Maître Plouton for whom “the questions can be intimate without being gravelly”. “It’s a sad story about the end of life, the loneliness and isolation that the disease can generate for loved ones. »

“I believe the victims because you have nothing to do in contact with these nurses. Quite the contrary”, slice the prosecutor which requires four months suspended prison sentence and his ineligibility, as an elected official, for a period of 5 years. Verdict on March 17.

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