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George Dimitriou

“I want my love for bouzouki and music to be transmitted to people directly without barriers and stereotypes”

Who you are;

I have been a bouzouki master for 20 years. Self-taught musician. At the age of 16 I got a bouzouki degree through the Cyprus Contemporary Conservatory, in which I got excellent. I also hold a degree in harmony. Afterwards, I studied Mechanical and Construction Engineering at the University of Cyprus but my great love for music and my instrument showed me the path I should take. A road that you can only describe as easy. Countless hours of study and development of perception and technique. Methodology, discipline, love and reliability are some words that characterize me. I have been fortunate to work with several people in the field. Some of them were Dionysis Savvopoulos, Glykeria, Stefanos Korkolis, Giorgos Hatjinassios, Kostas Makedonas, Dimitris Bassis, Miltos Paschalidis, Stelios Dionysiou, Rita Antonopoulou, Michalis Hatzigiannis, Konstantina and many others among them of course also outstanding Cypriot singers. Blessed with what I have experienced in the company of my bouzouki, which we have traveled together to festivals in America, Belgium, Scotland, Israel, France, Greece and Slovenia.

What are you doing;

Right now and specifically on Tuesday September 5th, I will be playing at Herodion, which has been a lifelong dream for me. I will be a soloist in two wonderful compositions by the beloved virtuoso and composer Stefanos Korkolis. In general, I mainly deal with performing songs in concerts and teaching bouzouki, which I consider a great asset, since with it the tradition continues and is passed on to younger musicians. Also, something very important for me that I’m working on at the moment is my first personal record, which will have my own songs, bouzouki orchestral pieces and folk songs with lyrics from various excellent lyricists.

What do you want;

Something that might be difficult but not impossible. I want my love for bouzouki and music to be transmitted to people directly without barriers and stereotypes. For example, to listen to my song and be impressed by my sound and style, and this will make them love, even to a certain extent, the bouzouki. I want the bouzouki to regain, more and more, the respect it used to have.

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