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Garage house instead of greenery. Residents of Prostějov rebel, sign a petition

About us without us? This is how the people of Prostěj perceive the decision of the town hall coalition to sell the municipal land in Tylova street. A private company wants to build a garage house there. Residents riot and sign a petition.

Plot for sale, Garage house, Tylova Street, Prostějov

| Video: Zdeněk Vyslužil

“We have approved the intention to sell. The buyer must commit to the right of pre-emption of the city of Prostějov in the event of the intention to sell or otherwise alienate the land,” said councilor Milada Sokolová (ODS) before the representatives’ meeting.

The council approved the sale

The House of Representatives, in which the ruling coalition (ANO, ODS, Pévéčko) has an overwhelming majority, approved the plan with the tacit support of the SPD. According to Sokolová, the price of the land corresponds to the expert’s opinion, the usual price and is payable before signing the purchase contract.

The application for the purchase of land in Tylova street was submitted by the company Garage houses, which was founded only a year ago. The city management did not discuss the intention to sell the 767 square meter plots of land in close proximity to the apartment buildings with the citizens at all.

The opposition drew attention to the possible sale

“I learned about it from leaflets that were pasted on the front doors of houses. I was slightly upset about it. While watching the transmission from the council, I learned that the intention to sell was posted on the municipality’s official board,” Monika Oplocká, who is organizing a protest against the construction of a garage on a green area with trees, shook her head in disbelief.

Panorama Residence Prachatice.

From the communist headquarters is the Panorama Residence. The shabby building also shines from the outside

“I think that the construction of a garage house will be a surprise for many. It is a great pity that the city management did not communicate the plan with the citizens of the adjacent houses. I am convinced that publication on the official board is not enough. However, the decision about what kind of environment they want to live in must be up to the citizens who are directly affected by it,” said Petr Ošťádal (STAN), an opposition representative from representative club Straight!.

The expression “official board” stirred many bile

“Such behavior is arrogant. Is it my duty to read the official board? If they weren’t afraid of it and it was a project that the public really wanted, it would be written about everywhere and the deputies and the mayor would go out of their way to let everyone know about it,” says Monika Oplocká.

Local residents do not like the fact that a concrete cube should grow on the site of a vast grassy area with five mature linden trees and several maples. “There will always be a conflict between greenery and parking spaces. Unfortunately, we cannot win as politicians in this situation, we can only take responsibility for our decisions. It is difficult to agree in the meeting room, just as people have different opinions on the matter on the Internet,” defends the steps of the town hall, Deputy Mayor Milada Sokolová.

Locals sign a petition

“I already had a meeting with citizens, quite a lot of them came and they all signed the petition. It is on the Internet under the name Against the cancellation of greenery and the sale of land due to the construction of a garage on Tylova Street in Prostějov,” says petition organizer Monika Oplocká.

Green roof and climbing plants

The city management is trying to portray the project in positive colors. “The building should have a green roof and climbing plants will be planted. The height from the ground should be a maximum of 4.5 meters and there will be a number of parking spaces for cars that can disappear from the street and thus free up space,” says Sokolová.

See what the garage house in Krasice looks like:

Source: Zdeněk Vyslužil

Residents of Prostějov can see what the garage building in Tylova street should look like in the local area of ​​Krasice. The company Garážové domy, whose managing director is Lukáš Lamplota, already opened one such house in the Moravská estate in June of last year. It has a capacity of 44 parking spaces.

The company Garážové domy built a garage in 2023 in Moravská street, a local part of Krasice.The company Garážové domy built a garage in 2023 in Moravská street, a local part of Krasice.Source: Dieník/Zdeněk Vyslužil

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