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Game feeding on the cemetery in Fulda: Animal protection officer considers deer shooting to be appropriate |

An announced deer hunt in a Fulda cemetery has sparked criticism among animal rights activists. The state animal protection officer and a nature conservation association consider the decision to be the right one.

Jörn Perske

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State animal protection officer: Deer hunting in Fulda cemetery is recommended


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Hesse’s state animal protection officer Madeleine Martin keeps the announced Shooting of deer at the Fulda Central Cemetery for necessary. “It’s a matter of balancing – in this case to the detriment of the animals there. I don’t know of any other option than to kill the deer,” said the veterinarian when asked by HR on Thursday.

According to Martin, it is important that other, milder measures have been examined and tried out beforehand. “If that has failed or is no longer an option under certain circumstances, it is legitimate to kill the animals.” On the one hand, with a view of the destroyed graves of the people buried there. On the other hand, with regard to inbreeding among deer, as Martin explained.

Animal protection association wants to consider legal action

A few days ago, the city of Fulda announced that it wanted to shoot deer that were causing mischief in the cemetery. The hunt has now begun, a spokeswoman said. There had previously been increasing complaints that the animals were destroying and eating flowers, plants and grave decorations.

The city then obtained an exemption from the Lower Hunting Authority to allow the animals to be hunted. When this became public, criticism erupted on social media channels and among clubs. A Fulda animal protection association, for example, showed no understanding: “It cannot be the case that animals are killed wherever they settle,” said a spokeswoman club the Fuldaer Newspaper and announced that it would consider legal action.

Call for animal protection demo at the cemetery

The St. Hubertus Fulda hunters’ association also found that the animals should not be shot just because they were looking for loopholes in the fence. Meanwhile, there is also a demonstration on Sunday (3 p.m.) against the shooting of deer Paw Rescue Fulda called.

But deer eating the graves is not the only problem that deer cause. Another reason for the decision to shoot is: There is inbreeding among the seven deer living in the cemetery. The city reported that there have already been dead or sick animals because the animals mate within the very small population.

Sanctuary? Not a good idea!

A spokesman for the nature conservation association Nabu Hessen told the hr in view of the inbreeding: “If degenerate phenomena have already occurred, it is moving towards animal cruelty. If there is no genetic exchange with other populations – then it makes no sense. They would do it in “You can’t do it in the wild with this handicap.”

Animal protection officer Martin doesn’t think the option that has been discussed of anesthetizing the animals and taking them to a sanctuary makes sense: “That’s against animal welfare. Putting the animals in a mini-enclosure when they’re used to the wild isn’t one good solution.” And in all considerations, one must also keep in mind that deer are not protected animals. There is no shortage of deer in Hesse’s forests.

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