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Gabriel Boric criticizes the disposition of big business after Enade

President Gabriel Boric criticized the disposition of the big business community that was marked by the leader of the Confederation of Production and Commerce (CPC), Ricardo Mewes, in his speech during the recent edition of Enade. In this way, the president valued the words of the president of Icare, Karen Thal, at the business event and called for generating synergy between the private and public sectors to promote the growth of Chile.

I ask you to also review Karen Thal’s speech, which I believe was a collaborative speech, and the CPC president’s speech, which I believe was not a collaborative speech. (…) (Mewes) only dedicated himself to, mainly, criticize the different measures that the government is taking without offering alternatives to those“said the head of state when asked about his reflections after the meeting in Enade.

President Boric criticizes the disposition of big business after Enade: “It was not a collaborative speech.” In the photo: Enade 2024, which was headed by President Gabriel Boric, the president of Icare, Karen Thal, and the president of the CPC, Ricardo Mewes.

Given this context, President Boric called on big business to reach agreements: “we have differences, but we also have many points of convergence. And I have said it ad nauseam, Chile can grow more and as a State and as a government I am committed to making that happen.”

The president highlighted that they seek to boost growth with measures such as the “pro-growth Cabinet”, which seeks to identify and unlock investment projects that can advance faster in the different regions of the country. “That is why we are also so committed to security, because we know that security is a necessary condition to be able to regain trust,” he added.

Thus, The head of government defended his position to generate meetings based on his participation in the various business meetings organized by different unions.. “I believe that reciprocity has been lacking in this and I believe that it is important that we are all willing to move from the original positions we had and seek to find a point of agreement regarding the issues that most concern us,” he commented.

President Boric also took advantage of the opportunity to respond to the criticism that has been raised about key reforms for the Executive, such as the fiscal pact.. “The fiscal pact that is being talked about is not only a tax reform with the objective of increasing taxes on companies. In fact, the fiscal pact lowers taxes on companies and that seems to go unheard. What the fiscal pact does, in one of its reforms, is to increase taxes on the people who earn the most, on the people who earn the most, more than three and a half million pesos,” he commented.

“The fiscal pact includes the reform of the sectoral permit system, includes the modernization of the environmental impact assessment service, and includes the improvement of the financial analysis unit. So, it is a large package to be able to fairly finance security expenses.”he added.

In that line, President Boric took advantage of the opportunity to respond to the CPC’s criticism of the fiscal pact: “The president of the CPC himself said, Why are there police officers making personal notifications? That’s pure management. No, it is not pure management. In order to remove this police officer from that obligation to which he is mandated by law, resources are required to be able to hire officials from the Judicial Branch, from local police courts or ministers of faith so that they can replace him in that task. So, here I believe we can do more, but greater generosity is required from all sides.”

President Boric criticizes the disposition of big business after Enade: “It was not a collaborative speech”

We have been willing and have been seen to modify our original positions, to establish different alternatives, but I hope that there will also be reciprocity from the counterparts.”he added.

Another criticism that the president responded to is that, according to some detractors, because he is from the left, economic growth would not be relevant. Thus, President Boric rejected this idea and added that what he seeks is to generate more growth with better distribution. “Growth is important, yes, without a doubt, it is a priority for this government. It is also important that we are capable of generating greater social justice so that this growth reaches all Chilean families.”he explained.

Finally, the president referred to the recent publication of the Monthly Index of Economic Activity (Imacec), which was located on the lower side of expectations, but that in the balance of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the first quarter the highest level was achieved since the beginning of 2022. “EThis is not a surprise, the Chilean economy is still in an expansion phase and, therefore, as we saw today, the OECD increased Chile’s growth projections (…) In Chile we have tremendous conditions to continue growing and at least I am going to work hard and be stubborn to achieve it,” he commented.

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