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Frente Amplio presents candidacies for the next elections: 29 candidates will go directly to the ballot and 19 will compete in primaries

The provisional directive of the Wide Front (party created from the fusion of Social Convergence and Democratic Revolution) – más Comunes –, presented their candidacies this Saturday for the elections next October, after holding a national meeting between authorities and militants, at the El Llano stadium in the commune of San Miguel.

The block, which participates within the pact “With you Chile Better”, registered 29 candidacies that will go directly to the ballot on October 27, Among them, the ex-conventional Constance Schönhautfrom Convergencia Social (CS), who will compete for the municipal seat in Las Condes and other cards that they hope to maintain, as in Maipú, Ñuñoa, Viña del Mar and Quilpuéamong other.

Likewise, they registered 19 pre-candidates who will compete in primaries with the rest of the parties that are members of the pact –which make up the Socialist Party, Radical Party, Christian Democracy, Party for Democracy, Communist Party, Social Green Regionalist Front, Liberal Party and Humanist Action–.

The definition of the block is given before This Monday, negotiations will resume between all the official parties, plus the Christian Democratsto define the candidates for the spring elections.

The provisional president of the Frente Amplio (FA), the deputy Diego Ibáñez (CS)pointed out that “we are very happy as Frente Amplio to launch our candidacies for local governments, for the municipalities of change that we are promoting to put at the center what really matters: work with the community, together with it, to strengthen the dignity of our neighborhoods, with transparent municipalities that fight corruption.”

“Today in FA with the presentation of these candidacies, takes a tremendous leap in its roots throughout the national territory. “We are a young force (…) with a lot of strength and a lot of hope,” he added.

Regarding the candidates, Ibáñez stated that “the candidacies that we present here in primaries and direct ballots are not going to promise things that are not going to be fulfilled, they are going to promise, first of all, to work with all their heart and strength to solve the problems.” neighbor problems and secondly, they are going to promise to keep their hands clean,” which is why the FA candidates said they “committed” to banish corruption from the municipalities.

Tatiana Urrutia, provisional general secretary of the FA, pointed out that the candidates presented are going to demonstrate to the citizens “that politics “Yes, it can offer answers and solutions to the neighbors’ questions and demands.”

Likewise, he maintained that “we want to strengthen the institution of the municipality, We want to give it greater strength and for that, we present the best of our people, who have prepared themselves (…)”.

In addition to presenting their letters to the municipalities, they also presented their options for the regional governments. Among them, Patricia Rada, current regional councilor who will compete for the regional government of Los Lagos; Matias Fernandez, current regional councilor who will contest the regional government of Los Ríos. AND Ruben Quezadaformer presidential delegate of Coquimbo, who will compete for the regional government of that region.

RD and CS will define in March to become a single party

According to what was reported by the bloc, the candidacies that will go directly to the voting ballot are mainly incumbent mayors, that is, the electoral logic of “whatever you have, you keep.”

In the Metropolitan Region they correspond to the communes of San Miguel, with Erika Martínez (CS); Central Station, with Felipe Muñoz (ind-CS); Melipilla, with Lorena Olavarría; Colina, with Nicolás Pávez (CS); Quilicura, with Paulina Bobadilla (ind-CS) and Tiltil, with Luis Valenzuela (RD).

Also noteworthy are the letters from Independence, with Daniela Parada (CS) and from Las Condes, with Constanza Schonhaut (CS). The current communal leaders also appear Emilia Ríos (RD; in Ñuñoa) and Tomás Vodanovic (RD; for Maipú).

The options will also pass directly through Punitaquiwith Camila Rojas Honores (CS); CatemuRodrigo Díaz Brito (CS); PetorcaIgnacio Villalobos (CS); PutaendoMauricio Quiroz Chamorro (CS) and Quilpuewith Valeria Melipillán (CS).

The cards to compete for will have the same condition. Saint Vincentwith Jorge Pávez (CS); Saint Clement, with María Inés Sepúlveda (ind-CS); CollipulliYuliana Bustos (Comunes-CS); Lumacowith Belén Montecinos (Comunes – CS) and Chol Chol, with María Cristina Painemal (CS).

He will do the same in The League, Lorena Donaire (RD); in Limache, Sebastián Balbontín (RD); in White House, with Francisco Riquelme López (RD); in Juan Fernandez, Pablo Manríquez Angulo (RD) and in Viña del Marthe current mayor, Macarena Ripamonti (RD), will maintain the option.

Meanwhile, in Saint Fabian Enrique Olivares (ind-CS) will compete, in Valdivia, the current mayor Carla Amtmann Fecci (RD); in MolinaSebastián Vergara (RD) and in Saint AnthonyGonzalo Vega (Comunes).

At the same time, the candidates to compete were also announced primary elections in 19 communes of the country.

They correspond to Rancaguawith Valentina Cáceres (IND-RD); Talcawith Carolina Soto (Comunes – RD); CombarbalaJuan Rodrigo Fuentes (Comunes); The SerenaCamilo Araya (Comunes) and Tango Calerawith Juan Ignacio Cornejo (Comunes).

The municipal dispute will also occupy the legal primaries to seek the quota in Antofagastawith Camilo Kong (CS); Yellow Earth, with Enrique Soto (CS); Maipo Islandwith Jorge Alfaro (CS); Talcahuanowith Roberto Pino (CS); Renaissancewith Héctor Sáez (IND-CS); CarmenGuillermo Feris (ind-CS); Maullinwith Evelyn Valenzuela (CS); Pencowith Carlos Contreras (RD); Cartagena with Pamela Álvarez (RD); Peñalolenwith Miguel Concha (RD); LinaresCarlos Castro (RD) and San Pedro de la Pazwith Camila Ortiz (RD).

They also highlight the bloc’s intentions to dispute Valparaisowith the current councilor Camila Nieto (CS) and Providencewith fellow councilor Macarena Fernández (CS).

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