“Frenchie Shore” summoned to the National Assembly during a debate on child protection


POLITICS – It’s shore, it burns. This Wednesday, November 22, Laurent Marcangeli, president of the Horizons group in the Assembly, used an example that was surprising to say the least to draw the government’s attention to the need to protect children from social networks: “Frenchie Shore”, a particularly trashy new reality TV show.

The Corsican MP is the author of a bill aimed at establishing a digital majority at 15, necessary to register on social networks. Its objective: to protect young people from hateful content, false information and other risks of premature exposure to these platforms. Problem: if the law was promulgated in July 2023 in France, “its implementation is currently pending an assessment by the European Commission”, lamented Laurent Marcangeli. Gold ” hurry up “, he insists.

Proof of this, according to him, is the extracts from “Frenchie Shore”, “the latest reality TV show flooding social networks”. “Very close to pornography, it veers into trash and permanent vulgarity. How many middle school students, how many schoolchildren, are thus exposed to all or part of this program? »he asks as you can see in the video at the top of the article.

“Facing the challenge of digital regulation” France cannot do without the EU, replies Borne

Adaptation of the successful American reality TV show Welcome to the Jersey Shore,” Frenchie Shore” was launched on November 11 in France on the Paramount + streaming platform and the MTV France channel. The principle is simple: five women and as many men are locked in a villa in the south of France with the sole objectives of having fun and sleeping together. All, of course, under the eye of the cameras and with as little blur as possible.

Questioned on the position of the French government, which faces a brake at the European level, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne refused to pit the two against each other. “Faced with the challenge of digital regulation, it is with the European Union that we will be able to weigh in and find effective solutions”she argued. “Our national action and at the level of the European Union complement each other, we can and we must coordinate them perfectly. This is why we are working right now with the European Commission to coordinate your law with European work and allow its entry into force as soon as possible.thus assured the head of government to the elected Horizons.

Before Laurent Marcangeli, it was the Minister of Culture Rima Abdul Malak who was moved to see sometimes crude extracts freely available on social networks. She said she hoped that Arcom would take up the subject to restrict access to minors. But reality TV producer David Maceira claims a program in which the “young people (are) free and comfortable with their sexuality” And “free themselves from what people will say”as he explained to Parisian.

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