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Frankfurt’s train station district should not become a “zombieland” – city reacts to drugs and crime |

An English tabloid newspaper recently gave Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel the title of “most dangerous slum in Germany”. The city wants to take more action against this image. Some measures were presented on Tuesday.

Danijel Majic

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Mayor Josef presents a catalog of measures for the Bahnhofsviertel

The picture shows the outside of the main train station in the evening with lots of people during a station district night

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How powerful the boulevard can still be can be seen these days in the discussion about Frankfurt’s train station district. Since the high circulation English revolver blade “Sun” described the district as the “largest slum in Germany” and “zombieland”, which is populated by thousands of aggressive drug addicts and in which shootings on the street are the order of the day, the eternally wicked district is once again on everyone’s lips. The background: Five games will be played in Frankfurt during the European Football Championship in June and July.

Perhaps that explains why on Tuesday at the fourth “Dialogforum Bahnhofsviertel” not only Frankfurt’s mayor Mike Josef (SPD) was on stage, but with him no less than seven department heads – two thirds of the Frankfurt magistrate. In a specially convened press conference, information was given about a planned package of measures to improve the situation in the district.

Josef wants quick improvement

Right from the start, Mayor Josef protested against “polemics in one direction or the other”. There is no point in sugarcoating the situation, but over-dramatizing it is not helpful either. He also emphasized that the magistrate was hoping for a quick improvement in the situation with a view to the upcoming European Football Championships, but that it was “more likely to be a marathon than a sprint”.

Concrete measures are to be implemented in the coming weeks in the areas of security, cleanliness, neighborhood improvement and drug help.


Police officers check possible drug dealers in Frankfurt's train station district.
  • The establishment of one has already been implemented No weapons zone in the train station district. This has been in effect since November last year. According to Frankfurt police chief Stefan Müller, 41 knives have been confiscated in the area since then. There are also brass knuckles, blank pistols and telescopic batons.
  • This has also already been implemented installation of Video surveillance systems. In the station district alone, 178 crimes were solved through their use, including 53 cases of bodily harm and 22 cases of robbery. The three video masts that currently exist are to be supplemented by two more in May.
  • One joint security patrol The state and city police will initially patrol Kaiserstrasse between the station forecourt and Moselstrasse over the summer months.


Waste in the station district
  • The work assignments of Street cleaning and disposal be extended in the early and late shifts. Additional wet cleaning of the streets and additional bin collection should take place every day. The late street cleaning shift will receive four additional employees.
  • There will be three locations by June 2024 public toilets be set up.
  • The Food distribution through private initiatives will be bundled in a central location in the future. This is intended, among other things, to make it easier to dispose of the resulting waste

Drug help

Insight into the printing room.  Detailed view of the utensils needed to make a drug syringe.
  • The Grants for drug help providers are increased. The city is making a total of two million euros available for street work and expanding the opening hours of drug work facilities.
  • Severely disabled drug addicts should be accommodated in permanent accommodation.
  • The establishment of one is being examined Model project for crack addicts.

Neighborhood improvement

Two police officers stand at the so-called Kaisersack, a section of Kaiserstrasse in the Bahnhofsviertel.
  • The end of Kaiserstrasse, previously known as “Kaisersack”, will in future be given the name “Imperial Gate” carry and be converted into a pedestrian zone.
  • The Station forecourt should be made more attractive and, among other things, paved with light-colored asphalt.
  • From 2025, a funding program worth 300,000 euros will be launched Upgrade ground floor zones. The money will go to retailers, among other things, to redesign entrance areas or shop windows.
  • The Planning and Housing Department hires people for smaller beautification projects disposal budget of 80,000 euros available.
  • For E-scooters A separate parking area should be created.
  • The Weekly market in Kaiserstraße should be strengthened.

Goal: No bad feeling when walking into the neighborhood

“Every step must bring an improvement,” emphasized Mayor Josef on Thursday. The magistrate is aware that the situation in the station district “will never be comparable to other parts of the city”. Too many opposites collided there. The goal must be that no one goes to the Bahnhofsviertel “with a bad feeling.”

Nazim Alemdar, owner of the cult kiosk Yok-Yok, formulated his own vision for the problem area. He has already celebrated the district’s 100th anniversary, his children have celebrated the 125th anniversary, and he hopes that his grandchildren will celebrate the district’s 150th anniversary: ​​”Because the Bahnhofsviertel is not a zombie land.”

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