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Frankfurt’s former Mayor Petra Roth: Honorary Professorship of the State of Hesse on his 80th birthday |

On her 80th birthday, the former mayor of Frankfurt, Petra Roth, was awarded an honorary professorship by the state of Hesse. Prime Minister Boris Rhein praised their “charming persistence” and great successes beyond the city.

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By awarding him the honorary professorship of the state of Hesse, Prime Minister Boris Rhein congratulated the former mayor of Frankfurt Petra Roth (both CDU) on her 80th birthday on Thursday.

At a ceremony in Frankfurt’s Römer town hall, Rhein emphasized that Roth was often the first woman to hold a political office – including as mayor of Frankfurt. She held the office from 1995 to 2012.

In the Kaisersaal, Roth thanked people for the donations for the “Langer Franz” town hall tower on the occasion of her birthday. She symbolically took off her hat.

Rhine via Roth: “with heart and mind”

“Petra Roth has shaped and shaped Frankfurt, Hesse and Germany over the past decades with her heart and mind, with her own charming persistence and with great success,” said Rhein at the ceremony, according to a statement from the State Chancellery. Roth opened up new paths with a pioneering spirit and can look back on an impressive life’s achievements.

According to its own statements, the state government wants to use the honorary professorship to honor people who have made a special contribution to science and culture in Hesse.

Mayor Josef and the head of the city council Arslaner gave Petra Roth a jersey.

In conversation as Federal President

Rhein, himself a Frankfurter, described Roth as an extraordinary personality “who was fully committed to Frankfurt and left his mark on the city.” Examples of Roth’s work include the transformation of Goethe University into a foundation university, the redesign of the banks of the Main as a living space and the design of the new old town.

As multiple president of the German Association of Cities, she has also made a name for herself beyond Hesse.

“Us Petra” was what the people of Frankfurt called Roth, who was their mayor for 17 years. She set up the first black-green coalition in a major city. As President of the German Association of Cities, she also played a role in federal politics and was once even discussed as Federal President.

Mike Josef: “I am impressed by your cosmopolitanism and joie de vivre”

The current mayor of Frankfurt, Mike Josef (SPD), said he greatly appreciated the meetings with Petra Roth. She gave Frankfurt a new, friendly and progressive image. “I am impressed by your cosmopolitanism and joy of life,” said Josef.

He quoted from Roth’s inaugural speech, which she gave in the Römer in June 1995: “She said then: ‘Our mission, no matter what function we hold, is to serve the community.’ I can only agree.”

Roth sees Josef’s energy and competence

Roth also paid tribute to Josef: “He has a lot to work through, and he does it well. He is an actively thinking, strategically acting person. I am happy that Frankfurt has a mayor who faces the challenges of a big city with energy and competence.”

To her mayor successor Peter Feldman she never commented. The former SPD politician was in 2012 in a runoff election against the favored CDU mayoral candidate and current Hesse Prime Minister, Boris Rhein.

Frankfurt’s honorary citizen Roth is now, as she says, a “passionately active grandmother” of five grandchildren. The two adult sons live nearby with their families. She likes to be harnessed.

Federal President: Roth’s popularity continues

The current Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier wished Roth on his birthday “a satisfied look back at what he has experienced and achieved and an optimistic look forward.”

Their work was determined by the will to ensure a lovable, cosmopolitan, peaceful and responsible city, it said in a statement on Wednesday. Their popularity, which continues to this day, is an impressive testament to their successes and, above all, to their extraordinary closeness to the citizens.

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