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FPF takes decision against photographer who hit Galoppo, from São Paulo

Confusion - Galoppo - São Paulo

Credit: Playback/Premiere

The FPF (Federação Paulista de Futebol) suspended this Monday (06) for an indefinite period of time the photographer Raul Ramos, who hit the striker Galoppo with his foot during the celebration of the goal of the turn of São Paulo against Botafogo-SP, in the afternoon of last Sunday, in Ribeirão Preto, for the last round of Paulista. The information was disclosed by the portals GE and UOL Esporte.

The act of the Argentine player in celebrating the goal in front of the home crowd made the Botafogo players and fans very angry. In the turmoil, Raul Dias passed the Paulistão top scorer. Luciano went to get satisfaction from the professional accredited by the FPF. In the pictures, he appears apologizing.

“He (Luciano) just asked what I had done, and I apologized because I had accidentally hit someone. When I realized that they were going to pass by, and with the confusion, I decided to go further back and only raised my foot precisely so as not to hit anyone, because I realized that everyone was coming towards me. The impression it gives is that I wanted to kick a player, but it was just the opposite, so much so that the moment I realized it, I already apologized”, said Raul Ramos.

The excuse did not convince the Paulista Federation, which suspended the photographer from the games organized by the entity for an indefinite period.

The FPF issued a statement to São Paulo apologizing for what happened on Sunday.

Raul Ramos works for the newspaper “A Tribuna de Ribeirão Preto” and was at the service of the Federation.

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