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Wheelchair basketball: RSV Lahn-Dill...

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Goal-rich final: Kickers Offenbach...

The Kickers Offenbach have won the Hessen Cup. The OFC beat the Hessen...
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Fortune runs out. Chance offered the biggest package to professional football

The highest football competition in the Czech Republic will change its name. The League Football Association (LFA) has announced the winners of the general partnership tender. This makes Chance a betting company. She offered an amount higher than 250 million crowns per year. None of the competitors bid more. Chance thus became the general partner of the first and second leagues for the next five seasons.

The ninth round of FORTUNA:LIGA added variety to the Slavia – Sparta derby.

| Photo: CPA

The first Czech football league will therefore have a new name starting next season. Instead of the bookmaker Fortuna, fans will get used to the Chance league.

“We understand this as a ‘chance’ for Czech football and for our ‘second’ bookmaker,” says Petr Knybel, CEO of the Tipsport group, of which Chance is a part, and adds: “With the investment, we want to support the quality of the most betted sport, which still has huge potential to further growth. And at the same time help Chanca to reach the number two position on the Czech market.”

With the new general partner, significantly more money will flow into Czech football, which should also benefit smaller football clubs.

Slovácko coach Martin Svědík.

Slovácko agreed to Svědík. Successful coach ends after season: Our time is up

“We perceive a great deal of work that Czech football clubs have done in recent years, just how they managed to increase attendance at stadiums. With such a significant financial injection, not only will their economic situation improve, but together we will advance Czech football in the areas of new technologies, marketing, and work with fans. We believe that the competitiveness of Czech football will significantly strengthen. In this way, we really give Czech football a chance,” says Jan Čumpelík, the group’s marketing director.

Second successful tender

The highest football competition will bear the name of the Chance betting office also because the second betting office that the group has in its portfolio is already in the name of the hockey Tipsport extra league.

“I have to call the second big selection process of this season very successful, and I was pleased with the funds that Czech professional football will get for the following seasons. I perceive the final amount, which pleasantly surprised not only me, as a confirmation of the fact that connection with Czech professional football is currently a very attractive and prestigious matter. At the same time, I take it as a commitment so that we do not become complacent and continue in the established direction. I have no doubt that both we at the LFA and the clubs will use the funds obtained to further advance Czech professional football and to support the current boom around it,” said LFA chairman Dušan Svoboda.

The quarter-final match of the football European Conference League between the home team Viktoria Plzeň and ACF Fiorentina at the stadium in Štruncovy sady.

Package for Czech football clubs. They have earned almost 850 million in cups so far

The first tender was for audiovisual rights for the domestic market. An amount exceeding 430 million crowns will be added to professional football. The winner for the first league was the company O2 TV, the rights for the second league were won by Pragosport and the streaming rights for betting purposes by Betano.

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