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Formula 1 | Herta attempted a return to promotions to obtain its superlicense

A time tipped to race in Formula 1, IndyCar driver Colton Herta did everything possible to get the necessary points on his superlicense.

To race in F1, the FIA ​​requires drivers to have 40 points on their superlicense, these being obtained through their results in the various championships over the past three seasons.

Herta was once tied to a seat at AlphaTauri for the 2023 season, but unfortunately he didn’t have enough points and the FIA ​​denied him a waiver.

The American then had seven wins in IndyCar, but his 2022 season was more difficult and he only took tenth place in the general classification. Thus, he had only 32 of the 40 points required to access F1.

And in his quest to earn more points, Herta’s father, Bryan, approached the Formula Americas regional championship to enter his son in the fourth-tier class.

“Bryan Herta called me in July of this year, just before Toronto, and wanted to see if he could bring his son Colton to FRegional because he needed more points on his superlicense,” confirmed series race director Scott Goodyear on the Racer to Racer podcast.

« We approved it from a series perspective, and our management group certainly approved it, but he couldn’t get clearance from the FIA ​​to be able to race in this series and have the opportunity to race just to collect some points. So it was difficult. »

« FRegional teams and drivers were ecstatic because they thought someone of Colton’s caliber was coming to race, and they would have a real chance to see if their abilities matched someone who is one of the best drivers. But FIA protocol prevented that. »

For its part, the FIA ​​stated that it was not aware of Herta’s request to race in FRegional, and indicated that because IndyCar and FRegional take place in the same period of the calendar, he would not have anyway could not accumulate points for his superlicense in both series at the same time.

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