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Formula 1 | Button doesn’t see three different teams fighting for the F1 title as early as 2023

Jenson Button joins the general enthusiasm driven by the new aerodynamic and financial regulations of Formula 1, which should allow, from 2023, to witness a much tighter fight between the various players in the sport.

Imagining a fight for the world tires between Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes F1 is indeed a very enticing prospect for many observers of the discipline. But Button still prefers to be cautious: it may take at least one more season before this becomes a reality.

« It will be a few years before we see a battle between three teams up front, including cost caps, » warns the 2009 world champion.

« But it’s possible to see the teams at the back getting closer, that’s for sure. There’s no reason why they can’t, especially if they have the right personnel and the right drivers. Anything is possible. « 

« To see three teams fighting for the title would be exceptional. We all like to see several protagonists involved. When two drivers from the same team are fighting for the title, it’s a good thing, provided the races are good. But we want to see more. »

« And the same goes for the drivers as well as the team principals. I personally loved seeing the off-track action between Toto Wolff and Christian Horner in 2021. »

It has now been more than a decade since three different teams battled it out to the last race for a championship. But Button wants to believe that F1 is set to relive great seasons very soon.

« The last time we saw a fight between three teams was in 2010. At the time, McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull were fighting for the world championship. I think the coming season will be epic. « 

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