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Former Spain player tells Guardiola to “be honest”

Alfonso Pérez and Guardiola won the gold medal together at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992.

Credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Spain is a country marked by ethnic crises in its different regions, most clearly in Catalonia and the Basque Country. It is logical that such issues are also part of everyday domestic football.

The most recent controversy, in this sense, is the statement by the former FuryAlfonso Pérez.

“In the case of Guardiola, as well as women’s football, I would force them to kiss the Spanish flag”, declared Pérez to Publication The world.

For the former Real Madrid, Barcelona and Betis athlete, this situation would demonstrate honor and honesty.

“If they say, ‘I don’t feel Spanish. I’m not going to the national team’, he’s more honest. They can protest whatever they want, but the team is above everything”, argues Pérez, in the same interview.

Guardiola took part in protests in 2017

It is known that Guardiola is a supporter of the separation of Catalonia from Spain. In 2017, City’s coach arrived to participate in the protests defending the cause.

“We will vote even if the Spanish State does not want it. We tried to vote 18 times and were belittled. We have no other option than to vote”, he called, who is Catalan, born in the city of Santpedor.

“We are victims of a State that has launched political and police persecution. Today the Spanish State pursues the political debate and our businesspeople find themselves under pressure from the judicial police. This political scandal will only be reversed with more and more democracy. We appeal to the international community for the rights currently threatened in Catalonia, freedom of expression. The Catalan government must know that, when it fulfills the democratic mandate, it will not be alone.”, he argued. Pep, In this ocasion.

Guardiola explains position dispute at Manchester City

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