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Former president of Cruzeiro is ordered to return value to the club

Wagner Pires

Credit: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro

The Court of Justice of Minas Gerais (TJMG) again sentenced the former president of Cruzeiro to reimburse the club in R$ 150 thousand reais. The decision refers to a lawsuit filed by Raposa, which accuses the former president of hiring lawyers for personal use with money from the Minas Gerais club. It is the second time that the TJMG denies the appeal, but the defense still has an appeal.

The sentence concerns the action initiated by Cruzeiro that charges compensation for the amounts that would have come out of the club’s cashier to pay legal fees, hired by the former president. The amounts were exposed in the criminal investigation that pointed out irregularities by the club’s management in 2019.

The documents proving the transfers made by Cruzeiro in 2019 to a law firm, under the management of Wagner Pires, were presented by the club to Justice, right when the investigation began. The defense of the former president of the Fox claims that there is no irregularity in the contract.

However, the Justice understood, through Judgment, that the former president, Wagner Pires, acted illegally by hiring lawyers for personal purposes:

“There is no doubt that the conduct practiced by the appellant gave him an advantage to which he is not entitled and resulted in damage to the professional sports entity. (…). Recognizing the existence of the unlawful act, it is certain that the duty to indemnify arises directly from the damage caused to the author.”

The R$ 150,000 that Wagner Pires was ordered to pay in court will be allocated to Associação do Cruzeiro, if the decision is not reversed.

Note from Sérgio Santos Rodrigues regarding the case involving the former president

“I am very happy to forward the decision of the TJMG published today confirming the condemnation of Mr Wagner Pires de Sá to refund to Cruzeiro an amount improperly used to pay personal lawyers with the club’s money.

I emphasize that we already have several favorable decisions in the face of him and other former directors who greatly harmed the club, but this is the first that the merit is definitively confirmed in the Minas Court.

This confirms our goal of being relentless against those who wronged the club; We filed several lawsuits and have been successful, albeit provisionally, in all of them to date. Not to mention labor lawsuits improperly filed in which we emerged victorious.

In the criminal field, we are one of the most respected law firms in Brazil to defend our interests, however, the speed of processing is independent of our efforts. We hope to continue giving good news about this topic so dear to all of us! If it depends on our work, they will never go unpunished.
Finally, I am very grateful to our Legal Department in the people of Dr Flávio Boson, who started all of this, Marcos Lincoln, Silvio Arruda and Gustavo Chalfun. Let’s go for more!

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