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Former Cobreloa cadets remain in preventive detention after formalization for rape

This Friday afternoon, after a hearing that lasted more than eight hours, the Guarantee Court of Calama decreed Preventive detention for the nine former Cobreloa cadets who were formalized as perpetrators of the crime of rape.

Is about Óscar Ramírez Mendoza, Cristóbal Saravia Arredondo, Jhan Góngora Ordóñez, Rivaldo Hernández Pizarro, Nicolás Navarro Villafuerte, Patricio Romero Leiva, Lucas Román Avilés, Joaquín Agüero Núñez and Luciano Parra Villanuevawho were arrested on the morning of Thursday, May 2 in different cities of the country.

The resolution follows a complaint filed by a young woman identified as Valentina in September 2021, who stated that she had been the victim of a group sexual assault, targeting the under-20 players of the Loíno club.

In the middle of the audience, five of the former cadets waived their right to remain silent and decided to give their testimony before Judge María José Amengual.

In addition, a 120-day deadline was set for the investigation.

According to the complaint that was submitted to the Carabineros on September 17 at 10:40 p.m., Everything would have happened in the middle of a party that she attended in the company of a friend, which took place in the Cobreloa cadet house.

“Yesterday, September 16, 2021, I went out at night with a friend to a friend’s home, Óscar, where approximately 20 people shared. At the party I consumed alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. Between 2-6 am on September 17, 2021, I was beginning an intimate cuddling relationship with a person with whom I had initial consent to begin sexual relations, but he let 2 more friends in to do the same with me, I didn’t want to do it, I wanted to leave and they wouldn’t let me….”, the young woman started saying.

Likewise, he stated that the “They grabbed my arms, neck, and waist with force, they hit me in the face, they hit me with a belt, they put the belt on my neck and they penetrated me, I saw condoms, some were left on the floor (…) they recorded me, and they made video calls to other men in which they showed what they were doing,” he added, in line with what he later presented to the Sports Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and in the middle of an interview he gave to Channel 13.

She maintained, in the same sense, that “when I woke up at 9 am I was irritated, I cried a lot, I felt that in a way it was my fault, I wanted to forget everything (…) I told a friend (who did not participate in the meeting) and he brought me to the hospital to file a complaint.”

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