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Football went by the wayside. A spectator collapsed and died during the district championship match

Great sadness enveloped the football Čečelice. One of the spectators collapsed in the audience right during the match of the district championship of Mělnicka against B team Pšovka. Despite immediate professional help, he could not be brought back to life.

A situation that no one wants to experience, not only on the football field, occurred a few minutes before the end of the second half. The fight for points in the table immediately turned into a fight for the bare life of one of the most loyal fans, a long-time coach, committee member and honorary chairman of the home club.

“In the 82nd minute, I stopped the match due to the collapse of a spectator in the audience. Emergency services were called to the spectator and he was given first aid. After about nine minutes, the police and RZS arrived, and after a while the rescue helicopter arrived,” referee Jiří Blahout described the dramatic moments in the minutes.

Filip Zawada (in white)

A football player lost his leg and needs a prosthesis. A benefit is coming, and Ujfaluši will also arrive

The life-saving effort, in which the delegated assistant referee was also involved, was not successful. “Despite the great efforts of all those trying to save him, his little heart, which had been beating for our club all his life, could not be reawakened,” said Jiří Kábrt, the coach of the team and at the same time the mayor of Čečelice.

“It is a huge and painful loss for us, a piece of our club’s history has gone, many memories, but above all a great and non-conflicting person. Mr. Josef Brandýský experienced the ups and downs of the football club in Čečelice, his positive attitude, balance and wisdom were always irreplaceable. He left for football heaven from the place where he took his first football steps, where he loved it and during the most successful period of our club,” continued Jiří Kábrt.

The match between Kožlí and Dlouha Vsí ended in court.  A fan attacked the referee there.

Like from the series District Championship: emotions on the pitch in Kožlí and the attack on the referee

Naturally, the match did not continue. The leaders of both teams proposed to keep the result achieved on the pitch. With an expression of sincere condolences to the family and the entire Sokol Čečelice, the visiting club from Mělník immediately joined in with the words of its leader.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the intervening members of the IZS for their commitment and professionalism. A big thank you goes to Mr. Stanislav Hamáček, who was delegated to the match as an assistant referee, and thanks to his profession as a paramedic, expertly administered first aid from the first moment. Thank you,” Jiří Kábrt added.

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