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Fontainebleau: artists invest in shops, here’s why

Sophie Bruguière, the president of Jeux de Dames and Aude Claire, the manager of the Éclat du Vins, in Fontainebleau, which welcomes artists for the Vitrines de l'art
Sophie Bruguière, president of Jeux de Dames and Aude Clerc, manager of Éclat du vin, in Fontainebleau, which welcomes artists for the Vitrines de l’art ©JVC/RSM77

Allow local artists to obtain more visibility and introduce art lovers to the richness of the commercial fabric from Fontainebleau (Seine et Marne). Here is the objective of the event Showcases of artorganized by the association games of ladieswhich returns until March 31 for a fifth edition with a hundreds of creators of the territory and a hundred of traders.

Talents of the territory

An event attended Aude Clercthe manager shine of wine, since its installation in the imperial city. “This is an event for honor womenso as a wine merchant, a profession often considered a male profession, it’s a way for me to show that this is not the case”, she underlines.

Women’s Rights Day and Designers’ Fair

Simultaneously with the Vitrines de l’art, the association Jeux de dames gives an appointment in March. For International Women’s Day, don’t miss the screening of the film Women Talking, by Sarah Polley, on Wednesday March 8 at 7:45 p.m. at the L’Ermitage cinema. A debate will follow led by Laurence Manesse Césarini, from the PhiloZ’arts association. Other dates to note: Sunday March 12 at 6 p.m., conference on the theme “Being a woman and coping”, still at the Ermitage. Finally, meet from March 17 to 19 at the municipal theater for the show for creators of checkers.

But Aude Clerc also sees the Vitrines de l’art as a bridge with his profession. “Wine and art go well together, because winegrowers are true craftsmen,” she insists. I like this link and Jeux de Dames allows you to discover a a host of talented local artists. »

In his shop, visitors and customers will be able to discover the paintings of Stephanie Cavailles and the ceramics of Catherine Fourgeaud. But the manager is not at her first attempt since all year round, she offers artistic exhibitions in her brand or her own collection of works by the artist Perry Teylor, devoted to wines.

“With this meeting, the ambition is to bring the local network into play, says Sophie Bruguière, the president of the association. Artists have a showcase to present their works and businesses have an additional reason to attract customers. All the works exhibited during this event are themselves offered for sale.

“It’s a win-win, abounds Aude Clerc. A different approach which shows that art finds a place everywhere. » Find the complete program of Art Showcases and participating merchants at the Fontainebleau tourist office or on the Drafts website.

Information: L’Éclat du vin 48, rue de France in Fontainebleau (leclatduvin.fr) . Find all the participating artists and merchants on lesjeuxdedames.com by clicking here.

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