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First time on a scooter: do you know what to watch out for behind its handlebars?

Sitting on a scooter and enjoying the ride behind the handlebars of a one-legged beauty is an enticing idea. Even those who do not have a motorcycle driver’s license, but own “papers” for a group B car, can afford it. In practice, this means that even drivers who have never ridden a motorcycle can drive a weaker scooter.

Riding a scooter can be great fun if you follow all the rules.

| Photo: Shutterstock

Since January 2013, any holder of a group B driver’s license (vehicle up to 3.5 tons) can hit the road even in the seat of a scooter with an automatic transmission with an engine capacity of up to 125 cubic centimeters.

Scooters we can see on our roads very often. People buy them for fun, or for practical reasons as an accessory to the car, for example for the journey to work. Another reason is the fact that you don’t have to head to the driving school again because of the scooter.

Besip and riding a scooter:

Source: Youtube

While owners of motorcycle driving licenses gained their first experience behind the wheel of a motorcycle during training at a driving school, others with a group B driver’s license often get on a scooter for the first time with zero experience. Experts from BESIP therefore, they have prepared some practical advice for them on how to start riding a scooter. Here are.

Good to know about scooters

Do you know how to start a scooter? Modern scooters have a starter, so they work at the push of a button. But keep in mind the fact that it is structurally solved when starting in such a way that you have to press the brake so that the scooter does not start on its own.

Penalties for riding a motorcycle without a protective helmet have been tightened:

You must always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.  Otherwise there is a penalty.

Riding a motorcycle without a helmet? We know how the penalties for this offense have gotten tougher

The scooter starts moving only when you add gas. The scooter does not shift gears. You do not work with a clutch, scooters are equipped with a variator. After starting, put your feet on the plates under you as soon as possible, then you won’t get in the way.

Sit upright on the scooter so you have a better view of the traffic. When braking, use both brakes at once. Very often the control is the opposite of that of a bicycle (right hand front brake, left hand rear brake). You need to get used to that too.

With a scooter, you can also enjoy great meetings:

Source: Deník / Petr Pokorný

Experts from BESIP recommend that you take someone with you to the first trainings who will be able to help you if necessary. Master the ride at the lowest possible speed. In this way, you will learn to maintain balance on the scooter and understand the weight distribution of the machine itself.

We start riding the scooter

Ideally, pay for a fitness drive at a driving school. If you don’t and decide to practice on your own, set aside two days before your first road trip to practice everything in an enclosed area. Try everything on the first day until you have the impression that you already have a good handle on the scooter.

Test yourself in our quiz to see how well you know the differences between motorcycle driving licenses:

Motorcycles are a matter of the heart.  Driving a proper machine is almost every boy's dream.

QUIZ: Motorcycle driving licenses. Do you know the differences between them?

Then, on another day, return to the training ground – it can be an abandoned parking lot or even an empty area in front of a supermarket – and repeat everything again. It applies here that the experience must be “spread out” in the body and especially in the head.

It is also important to be patient, as you will be getting used to riding a scooter. The most important thing is to experience operating the machine and to automate all the reactions needed to control the machine. Why? Because then you will be dealing with the traffic around you on the road and not yourself.

Riding with a passenger

Once you get the hang of riding, you may eventually succumb to the temptation to give someone a ride on a scooter. Therefore, take responsibility for transported person really only when you believe in yourself one hundred percent. Otherwise, you risk your health and that of your passenger.

What can motorbikes bring us joy in and what to watch out for with them:

Riding a motorcycle is an adventure

Are you considering buying a motorcycle? 5 advantages and disadvantages of riding a motorcycle

Be prepared for the fact that the driving characteristics of light scooters change significantly after loading a passenger. So drive very carefully. The passenger must wear a helmet when riding, just like the scooter driver.

Before driving, also instruct your passenger to hold on to you and lean in the same direction as you when turning. A sudden shift in the center of gravity is a problem on a scooter and can result in an accident.

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