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Final tournament of the Badminton Bundesliga: SV Fun-Ball Dortelweil longs for its first championship title |

The SV Fun-Ball Dortelweil reached the semi-finals of the German badminton team championship twice, and the Hessians failed twice. The third attempt should finally bring about the first championship. And that at home in Bad Vilbel.

Exciting, close games. Fast sport at the top level. And at the end the title. This is how SV Fun-Ball Dortelweil imagines its third participation in the final tournament of the Badminton Bundesliga. The Hessian club is hosting the so-called Final Four this weekend for the first time. And hopes that the loud support of her fans will also help in terms of sport:

“We are a great team and generally have a great atmosphere, but at home it will of course be even more atmospheric for us,” says Dortelweil player Yvonne Li, looking forward to the final in Bad Vilbel.

Further information

Schedule and mode

The two semi-finals begin on Saturday at 3:15 p.m. The final will then take place on Sunday from 2 p.m. The game is played in Bad Vilbel’s congress hall, the VILCO.

Seven singles matches are played per game (two men’s singles, one women’s singles, two men’s doubles, one women’s doubles and one mixed). The team that wins four of them first wins the game.

End of further information

However, it won’t be a sure-fire success because the opponents have a lot of quality. The German team champions of the last two years, 1. BC Wipperfeld (NRW) and 1. BC Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim (Saarland), are also fighting for the title again. “Bischmisheim and Wipperfeld are our worst competitors. Both have very good teams that we have lost to in recent years,” said Dortelweil player Kai Schäfer.

Point game round makes you optimistic

BC Bischmisheim in particular is a real fearsome opponent for this year’s hosts: The Saarbrücken team recently knocked SV Dortelweil out of the Final Four twice in the semi-finals and thus shattered Hesse’s title dreams. At least that is not possible this year, as Dortelweil will face SC Union 08 Lüdinghausen (NRW) in the semi-finals – clear outsiders in the fight for the championship.

That’s probably why the Hessians are heading into the final round optimistically. And not without good reason, after all, they qualified as first in the league table – with only two defeats from 16 games. “We’re all in a good mood, the team is complete and we’re playing in our own hall. And that’s why there’s a lot to say that we have a very good chance of winning the title this time,” says Schäfer confidently.

Joint championship celebration as an incentive

It would be the first German team championship for the team from Hesse – just like for its top performers Yvonne Li and Kai Schäfer. Both have individually become German champions several times and were able to represent Germany at the last Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

But the German team championship is still missing from the collection of titles. This is an additional incentive, as is the prospect of a shared victory party, says Li: “The whole season is a lot of fun. With the team, but also with all the other helpers. Of course we want to give something back and celebrate the championship title together. “

So if the SV Fun-Ball Dortelweil has its way, it will not only be hosting the Final Four tournament for the first time, but will also be winning it for the first time. After all, all good things come in threes.

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