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Ex-Palmeiras, Lucas Lima receives poll from Serie A club

Credit: Cesar Greco/ Ag. Palm trees (Lucas Lima)

Without a club since the end of his contract with palm treesat the end of December 2022, Lucas Lima has an indefinite future and even received a poll from Goiás, according to journalist Jorge Nicola, on his YouTube channel.

“Despite the unemployment situation, he (Lucas Lima) doesn’t seem very worried. In recent days, he received an offer from Cianorte, who compete in the Campeonato Paranaense, but Lucas was not very excited. Lucas Lima is more likely to accept an offer from outside Brazil. Lucas Lima was consulted by a Japanese club, there is a possibility of a proposal in the second half of the year from a club abroad, from a very alternative market, and Goiás carried out a survey”, informed Jorge Nicola, in his Twitter profile, and followed revealing:

“Lucas Lima doesn’t show much despair, he doesn’t want to return at any cost, and he’s also running away from clubs where he doesn’t have much pressure. He doesn’t lack money, what he wants today is tranquility and comfort”, concluded the journalist.

In recent days, Lucas Lima has been training at the Portuguesa Santista field, accompanied by striker Robinho, who was convicted by the Italian court of rape.

Last season, Lucas Lima played 51 games for Fortaleza, where he was on loan from palm trees, and handed out four assists. The midfielder had been at the club since 2021.

The midfielder was revealed by Inter de Limeira and also has passages through InternationalSport, saints and palm trees.

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