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EVENING FACT For its 180th anniversary, IMT Mines Alès popularizes with all its might

A day wide open to the public is being held this Saturday, September 23. A stop among the dense program that the École des Mines has put together for its anniversary. In its dynamic, the IMT will then involve the city’s cultural actors in its celebration.

Christophe Rivenq, president of Alès Agglo, Assia Tria, director of IMT Mines Alès, and Jalil Benabdillah, vice-president of the economy of the Occitanie Region • François Desmeures

Laboratories ready to welcome everyone, research centers which will explain their work and demonstration workshops to get your hands dirty… IMT Mines Alès is showcasing its know-how, this Saturday, September 23, on the site Louis-Leprince-Ringuet in Croupillac. Artificial intelligence, biodegradable materials, digital imaging, flood forecasting, “green” solutions can be understood by the curious, thanks to a lot of popularization work by researchers. A large birthday cake for 500 people, concocted by the Veyret pastry shop, will be enjoyed at 4 p.m. . A day“accessible to everyone”

insists Assia Tria. Enough to celebrate this idea born in the head of the then mayor of Alais, Auguste Serre and two engineers from the Corps of Mines, in 1841, for realization in 1843. “In the mines, there was a lack of a high level of supervision in Gard, says the current director, Assia Tria.The school had to be located in Grand’Combe, initially, because Alès was not very hot” , she smiles today. Initially located in what became the André-Chamson center, the School of Mines has since spread its assets throughout the city, from the surroundings of Chantilly to beyond the ring road, in terms of centers of life. His“1,500 students and 380 workers have an indirect impact on the city, particularly on its economic development” , insists Assia Tria. Then, the trained students logically tend to leave the pool,“15% go abroad, the rest in France, quite a bit in Île-de-France but also in Rhône-Alpes or around Toulouse”


“Today, the Ministry of Industry is asking us to increase the number of trained engineers.”

Assia Tria, director of IMT Mines Alès And the story is not ready to end: by twisting the idea of ​​a merger between the mining schools of Alès and Albi, Assia Tria insisted:“Today, the Ministry of Industry is asking us to increase the number of trained engineers . We set up a joint master’s degree with Albi, the idea is to create a common core of solidarity which then allows bridges from one school to the other. The strength of IMT (mines-telecom institute, Editor’s note), it has eight schools and four other associated schools. We must take advantage of the size of the group to negotiate collaborative agreements.”

The headquarters near Place Chantilly •

DR To attract international rankings – which IMT Mines Alès continues to climb and which allow the school to sometimes be chosen over more prestigious cities by students – “we look forward to the next 180 years, continues Assia Tria, we are in the transition of this school.” A job that comes with a “decompartmentalization project” by proposing to the Alésiens “to promote this school, Urbi et Orbi”, in order to have“a school in the city and the city in the school”

. Hence the connection made with the Crater or even the city Conservatory.

December 4 will see the rebirth of the Sainte-Barbe parade that Assia Tria, an Aélsian herself, experienced. The patron saint of miners will take the parade to the Crater, for a major free concert offered by the IMT, with musicians from the Mines Orchestra and the Conservatory. But before that, this Thursday, a big rally will bring the students, and others, from the scientific center of Rochebelle to the Hermitage, where a large balloon “180 years IMT Mines Alès” will be inflated for a souvenir drone photo . At the end of November, a historical exhibition of the school will be displayed in the town hall hall. December 2 will see a grand graduation ceremony, on the Cratère stage. Enough to put the IMT Mines Alès back in the center of the village.

A food truck will also allow you to eat on site

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