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European elections on June 9th: 34 lists approved in Hesse |

Spoiled for choice in the European elections: On June 9th, the 4.5 million eligible voters in Hesse can vote for 34 parties and political associations. For the first time, 16 and 17 year olds are also allowed to vote.

34 parties and other political associations will take part in the European elections in Hesse on June 9th. While the CDU, Greens and SPD are in first, second and third place on the ballot papers, further down there are also the Animal Welfare Party (9th place), the Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance (28) and the Last Generation (31).

This was announced by the federal and state election authorities in Wiesbaden on Thursday. A total of 35 parties have been approved across Germany, but the CSU is only running in Bavaria.

Six Hessian MPs in Brussels

The order depends on the number of votes won in the 2019 European elections in Hesse. Political organizations that did not run for office at the time join list number 25 in alphabetical order. In the 2019 European elections, there were even 40 election proposals on the ballot paper in Hesse.

There are currently 96 representatives from Germany represented in the European Parliament, and this will also be the case in the next electoral term. There are currently six members of parliament from Hesse: Christine Anderson (AfD), Udo Bullmann (SPD), Engin Eroglu (Free Voters), Michael Gahler (CDU), Martin Häusling (Greens) and Sven Simon (CDU).

Voting is possible from the age of 16

This year, for the first time, 16 and 17 year olds in Hesse can take part in elections across the country. The minimum age for voting in the European Parliament has been lowered by the Bundestag from 18 to 16 across Germany.

According to the state election management, there are a good 4.5 million eligible voters in the European elections in Hesse, including probably more than 100,000 young people under 18. Since there is no five percent threshold, 15 German parties and two independent MPs are currently represented in Brussels.

Further information

These 34 lists are on the ballot paper

1. Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU)
3. Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD)
4. Alternative for Germany (AfD)
5. Free Democratic Party (FDP)
7. Party for work, the rule of law, animal protection, elite promotion and grassroots democratic initiative (The PARTEI)
10. Volt Germany (Volt)
11. Ecological Democratic Party (ÖDP)
12. Pirate Party Germany (PIRATES)
13. Family Party of Germany (FAMILY)
14. MERA25 – Together for European Independence (MERA25)
15. Alliance for Innovation & Justice (BIG)
16. Action Party for Animal Protection (ANIMAL PROTECTION here!)
17. Alliance C – Christians for Germany (Alliance C)
18. Home (HOME)
19th Humanist Party (PdH)
20th Party for conventional medical rejuvenation research
21. Human World (HUMAN WORLD)
22. German Communist Party (DKP)
23. Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD)
24. Socialist Equality Party, Fourth International (SGP)
25. Action Citizens for Justice (ABG)
26. Basic Democratic Party of Germany (dieBasis)
28th Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht – Reason and Justice (BSW)
29. Democratic Alliance for Diversity and Awakening (DAVA)
30. Climate list Germany (CLIMATE LIST)
31. Shake up Parliament – ​​Voice of the Last Generation (LAST GENERATION)
32. Party of Reason (PDV)
33. Party of Progress (PDF)
34. V-Party³ – Party for Change, Vegetarians and Vegans (V-Party³)

Source: State Returning Officer for Hesse

End of further information

Further information

End of further information

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