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Epizen starts the month of the gamer

For those who are still confused by this modern world and wonder what it is to be gamerwe will say that one gamer he is a video game player. For some time we have been hearing about it, and a lot, and now it seems that part of the adolescent (and not so adolescent) group is a gamer from head to toe The gamers they are here to stay and one is not a real one gamer if he does not have the material that identifies him as such.

IO: Electro & HomeEpizen’s electronics store, has a wide range of innovative and essential products to turn the space you have into the set up gamer that you’ve always dreamed of One of the products you cannot overlook are the chairs gamer which give good support to the user while playing, avoiding back pain. At IO: Electro&Home you will find the chairs gamer Razer at very attractive prices.

One of the gaming chairs you will find in the Epizen store

Another element that cannot be missing is the mouse which, in addition to having many colors, should be characterized by having interesting configuration options. Also from the Razer brand, at IO: Electro&Home you will find the Razer Basilic V3 model.

Mice with many configuration options is a factor to consider

Without a doubt, the mouse must be accompanied by a powerful computer, such as the MSI Stealth GS77 12UHS-086ES which is characterized by its great performance without sacrificing portability. A perfect combination of benefits for gaming and work

The gamer's computer should be characterized by its power

All products gamer ofIO: Electro&Home they can be reserved through the same website. However, articles will only be saved for 48 hours. If you do not pick it up during this time, the product will be put back on sale.

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