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Entrepreneurship: these women are developing their support network in the Nantes vineyards

Servane Pouvreau, Valérie Périgaud, Karine Guinehut, and Marlène Téjada.
Members of the steering committee: Servane Pouvreau, Valérie Périgaud, Karine Guinehut, Delphine Van Eerdewegh and Marlène Téjada. ©Hebdo de Sèvre et Maine

The network was only waiting for its coordinator. Those independent workers and project leaders Have had it for a few weeks now. Delphine Van Eerdewegh is the referent for Women of Brittany in the area of Clisson.

Arrived last summer from Toulouse for a family reunificationit didn’t take long fit in in the various networks and get involved. Catherine Thibaudeauwhich energizes thebranch of the South Loire of the network, contacted me to develop a band. JI immediately said yes », explains the one who has already animated this type of structuresduring three years. “It is important that they exist. First to break up isolation. This is the flip side of our business,” adds the one who set up an agency internet marketing consulting and digital communication (Digital happiness).

Discuss and advise

Indeed, if the flexibility statutes (auto entrepreneur, microentrepreneur…) and the possible retraining with salary maintenance facilitated entrepreneurshipthey often left alone those who activated this process. “Hence the importance of support network as Women of Brittany »insists Delphine Van Eerdewegh who is supported by four co-developers in this action (Karine Guineuhut, Servane Pouvreau, Marlène Téjada and Valérie Périgaud). Their missions: create events to bring these women together (in the form of afterworks, breakfasts, etc.).

So that everyone can discuss, share experiences, build professional relationships. And why only between women? To facilitate discussion topics, to be more comfortable, to break the societal mask. But that doesn’t mean we’re feminists.

Delphine Van Eerdewegh, network coordinator

“The important thing is to have very varied fields of activity. Because very often, we think that we only bring together people working in well-being. But there is more than that: lawyersof the notariesof the craftswomen… » observes Catherine Thibaudeau.

Create workshops

This network aims to encourage creation, the reprise and the business development by the womento help each other and share skills. Femmes de Bretagne now has almost a forty antennas. On the 5 departments of this historic region. “Now the goal is to create professional workshops on various themes (legal aspects, setting up a business plan, creating a communication strategy, etc.) that interest as many people as possible,” she explains.

They were about fifty for the opening night to Hall Lacroix at Clisson. After being 90 on a special day with Act against the disease. No doubt, the network is already well woven.

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