“The match took longer than expected. It was calculated that Fiorentina would do it easily,” said Giacomelli.

Easily? But somewhere! After the goalless draw at home, Plzeň also bet on a defensive strategy in Italy. The home team persistently pounded the wall guarded by goalkeeper Martin Jedlička. But for a long time in vain. Bar, beam, rod. Everything was against Fiorentina. The favorite eventually won 2:0 only thanks to the extension (and the exclusion of Cadua).

“It just helped Fiorentina, the opponent was running out of strength,” added the local photographer, with whom Deník established cooperation for the exceptional match.

Pilsen coach Miroslav Koubek at a press conference in Fiorentina, Italy.

Coach Koubek complimented Viktoria’s team for driving through Europe despite being eliminated

Giacomelli noticed the support of almost a thousand Pilsen fans, which, together with the dedicated performance of the guests, surprised the local audience and experts. “The final meeting between the fans and the players was really emotional. They sang at the top of their lungs for a long time. I saw that some football players almost couldn’t help but cry,” he noted.

Viktoria played sixteen matches in the cups this year. She did not lose a single match in the regular season, while she was the top scorer with four goals Tomas Chory.