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Eintracht striker Hugo Ekitiké feels “at home” |

Frankfurt striker Hugo Ekitiké has shown a significant improvement in performance in recent weeks. The Frenchman himself would never have thought that he would feel so good at Eintracht.

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The scene after 1-1 draw on Saturday afternoon in Mönchengladbach was – and should be – symbolic: Frankfurt’s striker Hugo Ekitiké stood visibly satisfied in front of the 5,300 traveling fans after the final whistle and had put an Eintracht fisherman’s hat on his head. “It was an expression of me to show that I feel at home,” revealed the 21-year-old Frenchman on Thursday afternoon.

During the media round, Ekitiké also conspicuously often chose words like “arrive” or “feel good”. Not only with bucket hat gestures, but also with good performances on the pitch, he wants to repay the trust he has “given” to him. And has already done so in the past few weeks: three goals and one assist in the last four games speak for themselves.

“I never thought”

His start at Eintracht was like an engine that wouldn’t start. Ekitiké came from Paris Saint-Germain with a lack of training and was therefore given little playing time by coach Dino Toppmöller. His self-imposed goal of “having more fun on the pitch” seemed miles away.

“It was more difficult for me at the beginning because I didn’t perform well,” the striker admitted self-critically in retrospect. He now presents a completely different, much more confident image on the pitch. “I feel really good here – I wouldn’t have thought that. I feel loved by the fans and feel the trust.” In particular, various conversations helped him to be able to tap into his potential and to develop a “feeling of belonging”.

Europa League or Champions League?

Eintracht can really use an Ekitiké with this visibly good development, because before the Hessians go into the summer break, they still have an important task in the home game against RB Leipzig on Saturday (3:30 p.m.): defending sixth place, because they qualify the Frankfurters at least once for the Europa League. If Dortmund wins the Champions League final at the beginning of June, this rank would even bring the Hessians into the premier class.

Ekitiké doesn’t care about these eventualities at the moment: “We can’t influence what happens in the Champions League final, but of course we will follow it.” Beforehand, against Leipzig it was about “getting the best performance and keeping the focus on ourselves”. Message and striker have arrived.

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