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Drama while filming Sun, Hay, Strawberries. He almost didn’t finish the slightly popular movie

Zdenek Troška’s popular comedy Slunce, seno, hahody celebrates 40 years since its premiere this year. Everyone who took part in the filming remembers and brings to the surface experiences that fans of the film often have no idea about. Did you know, for example, that actors lost their lives during filming? More precisely, on the way to the filming. We bring you several interesting facts about the film, collected by the writer and journalist Pavel Pechoušek.

Sun, hay, strawberries. The first of the trilogy of popular comedies by director Zdeňka Trošky is celebrating 40 years since its premiere this year

| Photo: courtesy of Pavel Pechousek

According to the memories of film columnist Jaroslav Spěváček, there was little missing and Zdeněk Troška’s film Sun, hay, strawberries he didn’t finish at all. The production got most of the actors accommodation in a hotel in Horažďovice, from where a bus took them to the set every morning.

And just one of the morning trips turned into a drama. One of the last turns near Hoštice almost proved fatal for them. The bus was overtaking a car that forgot to turn onto the bridge and backed up. Suddenly, a truck came rushing from the opposite direction.

How well do you know the comedy Sun, Hay, Strawberries? Try the quiz:

Movie Sun, Hay, Strawberries

QUIZ: Sun, hay, strawberries. Can you complete the lines from the legendary comedy?

The film’s cameraman, Josef Hanuš, confirmed during the narration with Jaroslav Spěváček that he only had to shout for the actors to hold on, but it was too late. The seats were torn off and everyone flew forward. “Some actors were beaten, others were cut by glass. Petra Pyšová, who played Miluna, got a big bruise on her eye from the accident, so that day the camera could only shoot her from the uninjured side of her face. The cameraman, Josef Hanuš, had a broken rib, but he continued filming so that in the heat of the job, everyone would forget about the accident as soon as possible,” recalls Spěváček.

The film did not escape the intervention of the censors

But the problems did not end even after the last flap. It wasn’t enough, was it the censors threw out the script almost a quarter of an hour into the story, the powerful let the director know that he still insulted the socialist village and its inhabitants. But the audience had a different opinion. The film became a hit, and five years later Barrandov’s management came to make a second part. In the summer of 1989, a record four and a half million people went to the cinemas to see it.

It is also interesting that the student’s script from his native village was lying in a drawer at home for Zdeňk Oškod. “At the Barrando meeting, the beginning director at the time got upset that cheap Italian comedies were heading to our cinemas and that we could film such simple summer fun ourselves. His superiors at the time took him at his word. And so, in the summer of 1983, he set off for his hometown South Bohemian Hoštice,” states Spévaček.

Helena Růžičková was brimming with vitality and optimism. Viewers loved her:

Helena Růžičková

She was a dog for a tragic life. Actress Helena Růžičková was loved by the whole country

Instead of the usual thirty people, the film crew consisted of only about a dozen filmmakers. “In addition, the first two weeks lacked lighting equipment, so they only had to shoot outdoors. Fortunately, there were local grandmothers who had known Zdenek since childhood, so nothing was a problem,” he describes.

Bobo Sobotka, the make-up artist of the film, told Spéváček that the crew had a make-up room in the firehouse, they carried water in a bucket, but they said they had never experienced a better atmosphere on other shoots. He had to trick Troško into the film Jiřina Jirásková, which bothered the powerful of the time. He cast Laďka Kozderková in the role of a teacher, who apparently fell ill at the last moment. The director then suggested that Jirásková, who was spending the summer at a cottage in nearby Malenice, should surprise her scenes.

Růžičková at the height of fame

He brought Zdeněk Troška to the peak of fame Helena Růžičková. There is no more famous co-operative in our country than her film Škopková. Right from the start of filming, the local grandmothers took the actress in because she didn’t act like a star, but like a friend who chatted with them about crocheting or cooking.

Sun, hay, strawberries.  The first of the trilogy of popular comedies by director Zdeňka Trošky is celebrating 40 years since its premiere this year.Source: with the permission of Pavel Pechousek

One of the viewers gave her the biggest compliment after the premiere of the first episode. He didn’t believe her that she was born in Prague and not in the countryside. “Don’t talk, if you step in that shit and wipe your foot, no Pražanda could do that.”

You can reminisce about the legendary film Sun, Hay, Strawberries in Hoštice in South Bohemia on Saturday, July 6. The innkeepers will literally change clothes overnight into the form we know them from the movie, to once again welcome both the director Zdeněk Troška and the main actors.

The one-day festival promises unrepeatable entertainment and a packed program. You can look forward to a walk around Hoštice, which will once again be dressed up almost like a movie set, many should also come for a guided tour of the village with countless attractions and pearls from the filming and the life of the locals. Large-format photos of the actors and an exhibition of photos from the filming will also be on display, and there will also be competitions.

“We will be happy if you arrive with the whole family, take your mother and maybe even your grandmother and help us celebrate the ‘fortieth’ as ​​befits and belongs. We are already very much looking forward to seeing you all,” says director Zdeněk Troška, ​​who not only spent his childhood and youth in Hoštice, but is also currently a citizen again.

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