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Don’t look for a stereotype, our work is dynamic and alive, says David Krška

The greatest joy is seeing the path that has been taken, in our case, how a particular store has been transformed. And of course the appreciation of colleagues and superiors. This is how David Krška, the manager of a small but interestingly located supermarket, evaluates his two-year experience working in the Albert chain so far.

As store manager at OC LETMO, David Krška managed to stabilize the team.

| Photo: Deník/Vladimír Vecheta

David joined this store in the Letmo Shopping Center directly opposite the main railway station in Brno as its manager in December 2022. And that in a situation where the store lacked a general manager.

How brilliantly he managed to stabilize the store’s team and improve its operation, his superiors praised him by nominating him directly for the title of manager of the year 2023 in the Zlatý Albert competition, which was awarded to him on merit. He thus became officially the youngest manager of the year in the history of awarding the award.

Albert’s values

Teamwork, courage, honesty, care and humor. These are the main values ​​on which the Albert company is based. Based on them, it creates a healthy and safe working environment for all colleagues in more than 330 stores, three distribution centers, the Albert Online service and the headquarters.

In the last regular satisfaction survey, it recommended Albert as a place to work for a respectable 89% of employees. Bonuses such as Zdravý Albert, when a specialist advises in the field of nutrition, recreation bonuses, a discount for family purchases several times a year, a meal voucher system or a multisport card are just some of the benefits that employees can use.

Thanks to the nomination of their colleagues, the best of them can then receive the Golden Albert award, which is announced every year at a gala evening in Prague, and with which David Krška was also awarded.

According to David, work needs to have drive

“I was searching for my professional orientation for a while,” admits David.

“I was not interested in the technical lyceum that I graduated from, nor the office work in the State Land Office. So my interest in a job with drive won out for me, which meant jumping into retail,” he explains his professional progress.

“I got the inspiration for this from our family business, which focused on the beverage range. And I probably also inherited something from my father’s family, who is Slovak and his relatives have a very large market with their own production of fresh cheeses,” the award-winning manager reveals his personal close relationship with food sales.

The basis is flexibility

“You would hardly find a stereotype in our store, our work is lively and dynamic, which is one of the aspects that the employees appreciate,” David explains the magic of working in retail.

“A typical shift team consists of 10 people, but everyone has to be flexible. This is exactly where I found myself. Even for the manager, the store is not just work at the computer, but has a different need every day. For example, my favorite assortment is vegetables, but I always go where there is something needed. One time it’s the cash register, the other time it’s receiving the goods,” he explains the necessary flexibility for the employee and his position.

Growth opportunities and well-deserved promotion

“For me, the biggest benefit that Albert offers as an employer is the possibility of career growth. And what I definitely want to highlight is the fact that what is appreciated is effort and success, not length of employment. Such career growth is just happening to me. I handed over responsibility for this store on April 30, and from May 1 I became district manager. I took over responsibility for 14 stores, which are located partly in Brno and partly in the direction of Vysočina,” informs David enthusiastically.

“I’m moving on with it. It’s an interesting challenge for me, I’m glad it came,” he adds.

“I value the opportunities for my career growth very much, the most important thing for individuals is the support of superiors and the team. It’s really great to have a team to thank for how everything works,” he concludes.

* June 12, 1993 in Kyjov (Hodonín district), half-Slovak after his father.

• Graduated from the Technical Lyceum in Strážnice. From his residence in Vracov, he moved to Brno while studying economics and management.
• David’s studies are related to his roots in a family business focused on beverage assortment.
• The Slovak part of the family is also engaged in the production of fresh cheeses, Zázrivské korbáčiky are well known, which have an important place on the market.
• Albert joined the chain 2 years ago. Thanks to his experience, he immediately took on the position of store manager.
• Outside of work, everything in David’s life now revolves around his daughter, who was born in December. Taking care of the family is definitely the biggest hobby at the moment.
• On March 21 this year, he was awarded in the Zlatý Albert competition and in the Manager of the Year 2023 category, thus becoming the youngest manager of the year.

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