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Do you have young children and are you interested in job opportunities? Take the survey

Motherhood is undoubtedly a beautiful and probably the most fulfilling time of life, with all the wonderful and challenging things that it brings. At the same time as caring for young children, many women are thinking about ways to maintain their careers and develop their skills. Lucie Bášová and Kristýna Cejnarová founded the Mumdoo project, which connects professional women on parental leave with small and large companies.

We help women on parental leave who want to realize themselves professionally and do not want to be completely cut off from their field for three years.

| Photo: Karel Choc

In the Czech Republic, we have a difficult situation – due to a combination of factors, such as record-long parental leave, very limited availability of reduced and flexible working hours and limited availability of capacities in preschools, mothers are often put in an unenviable situation where they have to choose between a career or motherhood.

“We’re trying to change the situation – and to make a strong case to the key players, we need data. In order to be able to show what exactly Czech parents need in order to be able to successfully coordinate the care of family and career. So that we can show employers and the state where the biggest obstacles lie and, on the contrary, where the biggest motivations are – based on specific numbers that will reflect the real situation of work-hungry parents,” Lucie Bášová and Kristýna Cejnarová, who help women on parental leave, state for Mumdoo find job opportunities.

We started a new counseling center with doula Markéta Verbíková. Do you also have questions about the doula? Send them to our consulting room:

The roles of doula and midwife overlap in some parts.

Counseling with a doula: Empathy, support and respect for women are among the greatest values

“We have been operating the platform for almost three years Mumdoo, which shows the Czech market that women on parental leave often want to realize themselves professionally and do not want to be completely cut off from their field for a period of three years. We see a huge interest from mothers who want to make use of their previous professional experience – in less than three years of operation, 3,000 women have applied to us, not only from marketing but also from many other fields and areas, which shows how much interest there is among Czech mothers. ” continue the founders of the Mumdoo project.

Combining maternity and career is the wish of many women.Combining maternity and career is the wish of many women.Source: Karel Choc

The Mumdoo platform keeps in touch with small and large companies. It helps smaller companies cover up missing internal capacities by helping them with projects thanks to a database of proven experts who will help companies move their current activities forward. It provides larger companies with a comprehensive service from situation analysis to specific software solutions, assigns project or flexible work and generally maintains contact even during parental leave, so that women subsequently want to and can confidently return to work.

If you are worried about the expenses that come along with pregnancy, you may want to know that there are pregnancy packages that are largely reimbursed by insurance companies:

Do you know that insurance companies contribute a lot to, for example, various examinations during pregnancy?

Pregnancy packages? Your insurance companies will provide you with these benefits during pregnancy

“As a result of our contact with dozens, maybe even hundreds of companies, we began to realize that we were missing concrete data – we knew what the situation was, but we didn’t have anywhere in black and white how many parents deal with the issue of flexible work opportunities, what their preferences are, motivations and obstacles. That’s why we created a questionnaire last year, which was filled out by an incredible 1,100 parents. The numbers were in many ways unique and therefore aroused great interest in the media,” explains Lucie Bášová, adding that this year they are following up on the survey and purposefully distributing the questionnaire not only in Prague, but also in the regions, so that they can process subsequent analyzes with regard to various socio-demographic criteria.

Take part in the survey (it only takes a few seconds), the collected data will contribute to helping mothers in their search for a job during parental leave:

By link:

Or by QR code:

Questionnaire QR code.Questionnaire QR code.Source: Courtesy of Lucie Bášová

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