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Discover the New Revolutionary Anti-Aging Ingredient Bakuchiol: The Natural Alternative to Retinol that Does Not Generate Irritation

Skin care is essential to maintain your health and vitality throughout the years. In fact, Dra Pía Quiroga, a specialist in aesthetic medicine with seven years of work experience, expresses that aging as such is caused by a decrease in the production of collagen in the skin. “Collagen production begins to decrease by 1% annually from approximately 25 to 27 years of age,” she says.

Dr Pía Quiroga, who is director of the clinic The Beauty Lab, knows that over time the skin faces challenges such as loss of elasticity, the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. A facial care routine with anti-aging active ingredients is undoubtedly an ally in this process, without leaving aside the concept of “Beautiful Aging”, which is maintaining beautiful and cared for skin while respecting the years.

“I am very much of the opinion that I am not going to make someone 20 years younger. My concept in the clinic is bio-stimulation, and for my patients who are looking for results, I always reinforce that every treatment is accompanied by a good Skin Care routine that acts as a great complement,” he explains.

The routine must be complete and daily. For this reason, Dr Quiroga recommends including proper facial cleansing, active ingredient concentrates that help combat expression lines and are well tolerated by the skin, hydration, and of course, the use of sunscreen throughout the year.

In fact, what Dr Quiroga considers vital to include in an anti-aging routine is the use of serums, which normally have a higher concentration of active anti-aging compounds, and facial cream to seal the effects of the serum. Regular use of these products makes a significant difference in the texture and tone of the skin, helping to preserve its health for longer.

This is where a new anti-aging ingredient, which promotes the skin’s own collagen production and cell regeneration, becomes essential, and is revolutionizing the world of cosmetics: the new star ingredient “Bakuchiol”.

Bakuchiol, the latest great anti-aging innovation, is derived from the Babchi plant and comes from traditional Asian medicine. This ingredient has been recognized for its medicinal properties and, recently, in the field of cosmetics, it has begun to stand out for its benefits for the skin, acting as a powerful anti-aging agent. The German cosmetics brand with a long history at an international level, NIVEA, recently launched the innovative CELLULAR Expert Lift 3-Areas serum, which contains the advanced anti-aging ingredient Bakuchiol. This compound has become a natural alternative to Retinol to combat signs of aging.

The powerful anti-aging ingredient Bakuchiol has captured the attention of the skin care industry due to its similar benefits to Retinol, but with fewer irritating side effects(1). Retinol, derived from vitamin A, is known for its anti-aging properties and ability to improve skin texture. However, it can also cause irritation, especially in people with sensitive skin, and its use in pregnant or lactating women is not recommended.

Dr Pía Quiroga, in conversation with Paula, maintains “the function of Retinol is to irritate the skin and that is why it produces regeneration.” For this reason, when including Retinol in beauty routines, it can be used once every 4 nights, to give the skin time to regenerate.

Bakuchiol, on the other hand, is one of the biggest skin care trends that the world of facial care has to offer, as it displays surprising anti-aging technology: Bakuchiol increases the cells’ own collagen production by 48% in just four hours (2). In this sense, Bakuchiol has been shown to provide anti-aging benefits similar to Retinol, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as improve skin firmness and elasticity.

But the truly revolutionary thing about the advanced anti-aging ingredient Bakuchiol is that it stimulates the skin’s own collagen production, but without causing irritation1. Being of natural origin, it is a friendlier alternative for sensitive skin than Retinol, since it can be used daily, both in the morning and at night, without causing irritation.

Dr Pía Quiroga, who is aware of new active ingredients that can help combat the signs of aging, especially considering that from the age of 30 it is crucial to take preventive measures, suggests incorporating the line into your skin care routines. NIVEA anti-aging with Bakuchiol: CELLULAR Expert Lift.

Indeed, NIVEA is one of the first brands to revolutionize cosmetics and include the anti-aging ingredient Bakuchiol in its products in the mass market, due to its strong DNA based on science and research. In that sense, NIVEA skin scientists were pioneers, going a step further by researching ingredients that reactivate skin cells and make them behave like younger cells. Hence the launch of the successful NIVEA CELLULAR Expert Lift anti-aging facial care line with the superstar ingredient Bakuchiol.

The line has day and night cream; both with the advanced anti-aging ingredient Bakuchiol and also contain double Hyaluronic Acid: macro for the most superfluous layers of the skin and micro to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and thus leave the skin firm and hydrated. The day cream is an ally in the morning, since it has sunscreen factor 30, and can be used as a pre-base, while its night version has a heavy texture ideal to accompany nighttime regeneration. “Being super dense, it allows the skin to regenerate better during sleep,” explains the specialist.

But that’s not all: NIVEA skin scientists are taking skin rejuvenation possibilities to the next level. With the highest concentration of pure Bakuchiol ever formulated in NIVEA products, in a concentration even 10 times higher than the day and night cream of the CELLULAR Expert Lift line, the brand once again marks a milestone by incorporating the new CELLULAR Expert Lift 3-Area serum.

The main superiority of the CELLULAR Expert Lift 3-Areas serum lies in its firming effect after 1 week on the face, neck and décolleté (3). In self-perception studies, 85% of women confirm that it is “the best anti-aging serum for a true lifting effect on the skin”(4). Among the proven results, it is established that, in one week, the skin is tightened and elasticity visibly improves (5), and then after two weeks it significantly strengthens the structure of the skin on the face, neck and décolleté for 98 % of women (6). Visibly reduces wrinkles (7) and helps strengthen the elasticity and firmness of your skin.

The new CELLULAR Expert Lift 3-Area serum is dermatologically approved for all skin types, and is gentle even on sensitive skin. It is gentle enough to be applied twice a day: morning and night. “NIVEA products did not irritate my skin. They are super well tolerated,” explains Dr Pía Quiroga. “I really liked it because I have very sensitive, atopic, irritated skin that hyperreacts to anything.”

As a reminder, Dr Quiroga indicates that the correct way to use the serum is to first wash your face, and then use the serum with the active compound Bakuchiol. To seal this routine, she suggests applying the facial cream from the CELLULAR Expert Lift line after the serum, having waited a few minutes for its correct absorption. “If you use only the serum, the compounds can evaporate or are lost. It is a plus to the creams”, she complements.

From a holistic perspective, in addition to recommending having a Skin Care routine with advanced anti-aging compounds such as Bakuchiol, Dr Pía Quiroga suggests maintaining a healthy life: “It is already known that sugar is responsible for most of all diseases and damage that occur at the cellular level in our body. It slows down cell repair, causing hyperactivity in children. That is why sleep hygiene is so important, as it allows you to regenerate well. Sleeping at least eight hours, not watching screens before bed, maintaining a good diet and avoiding stress are healthy aspects that we should all look for,” says Dr Pía Quiroga from The Beauty Lab.

For those who want to start taking care of their skin, specialist Pía Quiroga assures that it is never too late to take action. Skin care is a task that has no time limit and we can always take steps to improve the health of our skin. So regardless of when we start, every action counts on the path to healthier skin. In that sense, specialist Pía Quiroga’s message encourages us to explore new options for caring for our skin, even if we have postponed the start of our skin care routine.

The ingredient Bakuchiol emerges as a promising alternative option to Retinol, especially for those seeking to combat wrinkles, improve the elasticity and firmness of facial skin and at the same time does not generate irritation. Although we can’t stop time, NIVEA’s new Bakuchiol serum, CELLULAR Expert Lift 3-Area, for face, neck and décolleté, is the new hero when it comes to powerful anti-aging solutions for younger-looking skin, and even for sensitive skin. Available in a variety of establishments, from supermarkets to pharmacies, this option shows that taking care of our skin is within everyone’s reach.

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