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Dinei gets angry and leaves a message for Renato Augusto at Corinthians

Dinei Renato Augusto

Credit: Disclosure/Corinthians

One of the great names in the history of Corinthians, Dinei is not liking at all what he has seen from Timão in 2023. The elimination in the Copa do Brasil, against São Paulo, in addition to the suffocation against Estudiantes, in the South American, left the former -striker disgusted with the players’ attitude. When projecting the next season, the Corinthians idol would not be afraid to let go of Renato Augusto.

Despite his undisputed technical quality, Renato Augusto has had difficulty making himself available to Vanderlei Luxemburgo. After playing in Argentina, the midfielder was absent in the classic with Palmeiras, tied 0-0. Dinei sees Timão being harmed by the cost-benefit that the number 8 represents today.

“And I’ll tell you something, there will be a lot of Corinthians fans who will be mad at me. Renato Augusto, would you accept a productivity contract for 2024? If he says yes, then ok. Otherwise, take the alley. It’s an idol, cool, but the cost-benefit… Understand me, Corinthians fans. A guy who plays one in ten games and misses nine. It’s not solving anything for me”, said Dinei.

According to ge.com, Renato Augusto played in sacrifice against Estudiantes, in the South American. The midfielder developed muscle edema after the 1-1 draw with Goiás, last week. Even so, he dealt with and acted against the Argentines. He, however, would not be in a position to play in the Derby.

The topic even generated stress between Luxemburgo and Bruno Mazziotti, head of the club’s health department.

“Let me answer you with a little more patience, if I may. Who says I haven’t spoken to Bruno Mazziotti, or that I have a problem with him? Who spoke to you? Who said that? Did someone say this? No problem, ask Mazziotti. Now, we are internally discussing everything related to Corinthians. What’s the problem with discussing everything about Corinthians? What is the problem, today, that you understand that not only Corinthians, the other clubs also understand that the provision, through analysis, saying that Renato could not enter the field? How much blame do you want to place on someone? There is no blame for anyone”, said the coach.

Renato Augusto has a contract with Corinthians until the end of this year. He, legally, can now sign a pre-bond with another team and leave Timão for free from January. In the current season, there are 28 games, five goals and seven assists.

Dinei destroys Corinthians squad

Famous for his strong opinions, Dinei, once again, did not make a fuss and was not afraid to make heavy criticisms of the Corinthians squad. The team’s stance against São Paulo, in the Copa do Brasil, and in the South American Championship left the former athlete unhappy.

“The shame we went through there in Argentina, a cowardly team, without a tactical plan or anything. Luxemburgo has always been a coach who puts the team up. What happened against São Paulo, at Morumbi, and with Estudiantes, I never saw. This is also due to players who don’t have the personality and attitude to change the game. It is very easy to blame Luxembourg. Cássio is the one who is saving our face. There’s more to come from Vanderlei and also from the players. The sequence is not easy, the business is bad”, he said.

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