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Difficult start for Dostál, Gudas showed emphasis and shot. Kubalík lacks well-being

At the start of the Czech Hockey Games, the home team was not enough against Finland, scoring only in the end off the stick of Jáchym Kondelík and entering the last tournament before the start of the World Cup with a 1:4 defeat. This was not prevented even by the eight reinforcements from the NHL, who played for the national team for the first time this season. How did the overseas players convince and what did their premiere show?

Tomáš Nosek tries to threaten the goal of Finnish goalkeeper Harri Säteri.

| Photo: Profimedia

Coach Radim Rulík and his implementation team completely changed the composition of the goalkeeper trio before the Czech Games. He sent the previous goalkeepers home with thanks and called three goalkeepers from the NHL to the fight. He was the first to get a chance Lukáš Dostálbut the second start for the national team in his career made him quite bitter.

The twenty-three-year-old goalie at the Brno stadium, where he started his journey to the NHL, didn’t have much work at first. He had only two shots on goal in the first period, and with Jesse Puljujärvi’s great chance, he was lucky that the Finnish winger’s puck didn’t fit better in front of the open cage.

The Finns only increased their activity in the second half, and the Anaheim goalkeeper felt it three times. In his weakness, he was short on a shot from the first from the right circle, due to the obscured view he only went to the knee and hoped that the puck would hit him. He missed and the opponent jumped into the lead.

Goalkeeper Lukáš Dostál conceded a goal from the Finns.Goalkeeper Lukáš Dostál conceded a goal from the Finns.Source: Profimedia

However, the teammates did not make the situation easier for Dostál even before the second goal, when they were not strong enough in front of the goal area and the Czech goalkeeper capitulated in a rather non-goalkeeping position. For the third goal, he was helpless against the free Oliver Kapanen’s stop, and the fourth goal was already headed for the open cage.

Gudas earned respect right from the first substitution

Even Jan Rutta from San Jose didn’t make his work in goal much easier for Dostál, who initially showed that he still has to get used to his teammates and the bigger field. Several times he passed inaccurately, thus giving the opponent a chance, before the first conceded goal he overdid it with emphasis and went to the penalty bench. Before the opponent’s third goal, it was he who was supposed to guard the finishing Kapanen. However, his performance should go up as the minutes increase.

Another defenseman from the NHL Dear Gudas showed his contribution from the opening seconds. In the first inning, he sent Jere Innal on the ice with a sharp hit, and in his second inning, he showed off his cannon shot again. Later, he tried to threaten the opponent’s goal with a smart wrist shot, but failed. Backward he was confident, as is his habit.

Michal Kovarčík in the match against the Finns as part of the Czech Hockey Games in Brno.

The first defeat came in Brno. The Czech hockey players lost to the Finns 1:4

Ondřej Palát also gave a similarly honest performance to the Brno audience – a hard worker who will do his best forwards and backwards. With active play and emphasis, he won several pucks, but his teammates failed in the end. In power plays, he tried to be the brain of the match, but his crossing passes to Dominik Kubalík were well read by the Finns.

Kubalík still got to several endings. In the power play, he shot from the first, when it was no other way, he took it upon himself and stamped the top bar with his early wrist. After an individual penetration, he made it to the middle of the circles, but finished inaccurately from the turn. While last year he would have scored at least one goal from these chances, this year he is still showing discomfort in the game from Ottawa, where he did not do well.

Nosek helped the goal with black work

He also showed similar bad luck at the end in the match Philip Zadina. On the power play, he replaced Kubalík on the right circle, but even he did not succeed with a shot from the volley. At one point, he received a direct charge in an exemplary manner, but the puck hit badly and hit the well-moving Harri Säteri. In the end, he chased down the fleeing Innal and after his shot at 1:4, he angrily split his hockey stick against the abandoned goal.

David Rittich in goal for Los Angeles.

A blessing in disguise? Rittich will confuse Rulík et al., he could come to the WC

Another forward, Tomáš Nosek, showed a great contribution to the game when weakened. The experienced attacker from New Jersey won the puck brilliantly in a four-man game and started to escape, which he was unable to convert even due to the opponent’s borderline intervention. During the Czech Republic’s only goal, he did an exemplary job in front of the goal area, where he stretched the opponent on himself and allowed Kondelík to open the net. It will be priceless for menial work.

Radim Zohorna also tried to make a similar contribution. With his almost two meters, he transferred good emphasis, screened and, when playing on the power play in a small space, he hit loose pucks towards the goal. But in vain. With another numerical advantage, he acted as a clutch behind the goal and charged Kubalík for another of his shots from the first. Ahead of the next few games, he emerged as an interesting option for the final nomination.

In any case, the Czechs, even with reinforcements from overseas, will need to work on the end. The well-known goalscorers Kubalík and Zadina are showing discomfort in the game so far, and even their colleagues could not overcome the great Säteri. They will have a chance to make amends on Saturday, when they challenge Sweden from 4 p.m.

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