Did ‘The Irrational’ Just Kill Off [Spoiler]?


[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Irrational Season 1 Episode 10 “Bombshell.”]

For most of the latest episode of The Irrational, we’re worried about what might happen to Alec (Jesse L. Martin) with Wes Banning (Ben Cotton), the man who planted the bomb in the church that scarred the professor, not only free but also holding him and his two assistants, Phoebe (Molly Kunz) and Rizwan (Arash DeMaxi) hostage—with another explosive. But after a couple of twists, it’s another character whose life is hanging in the balance at the end.

Just before learning of Wes’ escape, Marisa (Maahra Hill) tells Jace (Brian King) she couldn’t stop thinking about who from Sanford’s campaign could have been the target if the bomb at the church had gone off when it was supposed to. Three people were supposed to be there at the time, and two are dead; the other one got lucky “or something else,” she says. With Wes free, Jace takes point on that lead, though he hesitates to talk to the campaign manager’s widow once they find out Wes is holding everyone hostage in Alec’s office.

Marisa insists he goes, however. “This is all happening because we started working on the church bombing again,” she explains. “That’s practically proof that there’s something there. We need to keep momentum. And we need to get to Ike’s widow before Mathias does. You go find the real bomber.”

Mathias is the man behind it all. Furthermore, Wes reveals to Alec that he didn’t know the bomb Mathias wanted was for a church, and the day before Marisa arrested him, the other man reappeared and gave Wes a photo of his daughter and threatened her life. After Mathias showed up at his parole hearing, Wes knew he wanted him to stay in prison, but now he also knows he wants him dead—and that goal is accomplished, with Wes killed soon after he and Alec track down the bomber’s daughter and ensure she’s safe.

Soon after the FBI arrives to take over the crime scene, Jace calls Marisa with news and a new theory. “It’s good, near Marisa level,” he says. “It’ll definitely make you proud.” She tells him he always makes her proud, and they decide to discuss what he found over breakfast at her place (where he now has a closet and his toothbrush). But when Marisa arrives home, she finds broken glass … then Jace on the floor, and it looks like he was shot in the chest. She calls 9-1-1 for an agent down, but is it too late? Is Jace dead?

Brian King as Jace Richards — 'The Irrational' Season 1 Episode 10

Sergei Bachlakov/NBC

This comes after the previous episode ended with the reveal that Marisa’s house was bugged, a clear sign they were on the right track with their investigation, and the person listening in heard her showing Jace the closet space she had for him. So it’s not too much of a surprise that someone struck someone working the investigation. But we don’t know if we’re ready to say definitively just yet that Jace is dead … especially with one more episode to go.

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