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Did ANO agree to retire later? Pavel described the meeting at the Castle

Did the ANO representatives agree to a later retirement? President Petr Pavel described the course of the meeting at the Castle in the Dení debate.

Deník debate: President Petr Pavel as a guest of Kateřina Perknerová.

| Photo: Diary

Dení continues the series of online debates under the name What can we expect from the president?. The topic of the May section was pension reform. The President’s attempt to reach an agreement between the coalition and the opposition failed. How things went at the March 28 meeting he called Peter Paul? Did the representatives of the ANO movement confirm that the shift in the retirement age is a necessary part of any pension reform?

The government approved the pension reform:

Later retirement and support for families and disadvantaged people.  These are some of the main points of the pension reform approved by the government on Tuesday.

Pension reform: Among the most important changes are retirement, help for mothers

“I took the mediation effort very seriously and responsibly. I entrusted the moderation to Vladimír Bezděk, because pensions are his long-term expertise. He made it very important that we define all the arguments that will be heard there in a very simple and understandable way, so that they cannot be interpreted in different ways. I insist that the points I made public after the press conference, that is, the need to act, as the alternative of doing nothing is unacceptable, and also the need to increase the retirement age, have been agreed. As well as the exchange of documents, which was requested by both parties. There really was a consensus on this at the meeting and it was not contradicted in any way even at the press conference.”

Andrej Babiš in debate in the Diary this conclusion from the meeting, which he did not participate in, contradicted, argued by the reaction of the vice-chairman of the ANO movement, Karel Havlíček, who demanded to change the minutes of the meeting. He said on social media that his movement “will never agree to raising the retirement age.”

If ANO succeeds in the parliamentary elections and forms a government, will it cancel what the current coalition of five approves? How does President Pavel feel about it? You will find out the answer in the Dení debate. And what else was heard in it?

* Should the ODS respond to the insults of its mayor, Pavel Novotný, and why is the social atmosphere thickening?

* The situation on the Ukrainian front is not favorable. How does Petr Pavel feel about the possibility of returning Ukrainian men from EU countries back to their homeland?

* Chinese President Xi Jinping visited France, Serbia and Hungary. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called China “a pillar of the new world order”. In the debate, Petr Pavel explained why he agreed with him.

* Petr Fiala stated that the Czech Republic should have diplomatic representation in Moscow at the level of ambassador. Petr Pavel told when it will happen.

* At the end of the debate, you will learn why, according to the president, science should have government representation.

You can look forward to the debate on Dení on Tuesday, May 14.

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