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Women that Impact, Natacha...

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The government's emblematic promise to forgive the debt generated by the State Guaranteed...
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Detention of community members who stole cars in Cañete is extended

This Monday, the Purén Guarantee Court declared as legal the arrest of five Mapuche community members in the Antiquina sectorin the commune of Cañete, Biobío Region, and the request of the Public Ministry was accepted to extend the detention of four of them until Thursday, May 2 at 12 noon, due to pending proceedings.

The prosecutor of Angol, Marco Pavezindicated that There is evidence of the participation of the subjects, in the year 2023, “in a series of violent robberies of drivers, mainly in the Purén commune.”

“The relevance of this research that arises from the analysis of cases, where the grouping of six facts of a similar nature, same modus operandi. And with procedures carried out by the Investigative Police (PDI), especially the Angol Robbery Investigation Brigade, it was possible to establish the participation of this group of subjects,” he added.

The community members were arrested by personnel from the PDI Robbery Brigade, after raiding their homes in Antiquinathe same sector where three police officers were murdered over the weekend.

They were dedicated to the crime of theft of motor vehicles, through the use of intimidation and violence on the route that connects Purén with Cañete. “This investigation allowed us to determine that the defendants, residents of the Antiquina sector of the Cañete commune, transported the vehicles to that sector, some for dismantling and subsequent sale, and others for use in the commission of other crimes,” he explained. the subprefect Rodrigo Brionesfrom the PDI of Angol.

The only woman charged, whose detention was not extended, She was formalized for illegal possession of ammunition and her national roots were decreed.with an investigation period of 3 months.

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