Details of Neymar’s arrival at PSG explain injuries, says newspaper


Photo of Neymar in his last injury to represent the Brazilian striker who had details on his arrival at PSG highlighted by the French newspaper L'Équipe to explain the sequence of absences at Paris Saint-Germain

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The stay of Neymar in Paris, defending the colors of PSG, was marked by numerous injuries. Therefore, the player has been an important absence in some of Brazil’s games in recent years, such as in the classic against Argentina, last night, Tuesday (21), in the World Cup qualifiers. Furthermore, the star was absent from decisive games in the Paris Saint-Germainwhile he was a Parisian athlete.

Even though he agreed to transfer from PSG to Al-Hilal, from Saudi Arabia, in the middle of this year, the star continues to be a topic in the French sports media.

This Wednesday (22), the renowned French newspaper, L’Equipeexplained what could be the real cause of the Brazilian’s numerous injuries, since leaving Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain, in 2017.

According to the publication, Neymar arrived in Paris already suffering from a fracture in the fifth metatarsal of his right foot. Thus, the article signed by journalist Arnaud Hermant insinuates that this scenario would explain the reason that led the Brazilian to miss so many games while recovering in the medical department.

When he arrived at PSG in August 2017, Neymar already suffered from a stress fracture in the 5th metatarsal of his right foot. A clue to explain the repeated injuries that followed“, began the French vehicle, about why the Brazilian has shown convalescence several times in recent years.

The French newspaper’s impression is that PSG could have enjoyed Neymar

Finally, the L’Equipe emphasized that, based on this information, the star’s off-field lifestyle did not influence his illnesses. Furthermore, he highlighted that the series of injuries left a “bitter taste” that Paris could have enjoyed the star more and reached the top of Europe under his technical leadership. In addition, the Brazilian could have been awarded the Ballon d’Or for the best player in the world in Ligue 1.

A series of bad news that leaves a bitter taste for a player who would take Paris to the top of Europe and win the Ballon d’Or as he emerged from Lionel Messi’s shadow. This feeling is reinforced by a new element that may explain the recurrence of serious injuries to the right foot“, concludes the vehicle, about the possibility that Neymar had made his debut at Paris Saint-Germain already injured and the injury would have worsened.

It is worth remembering that, last October, Neymar tore the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in his left knee in Brazil’s 2-0 defeat to Uruguay, in the South American Qualifiers.

In this way, Brazil’s number 10 missed the Brazilian team in the 2-1 defeats against Colombia, in Barranquilla, and 1-0, against Argentina, yesterday, at Maracanã. The star may take up to eight months to return to the pitch.

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