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Darmstadt 98 appeases the fans with victory in Cologne |

Despite the success at 1. FC Köln, nobody at Darmstadt 98 seriously dreams of staying in the league anymore. The remaining four first division games should still be fun.

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Saturday, 5:28 p.m., Cologne Stadium, whistles here, applause there. The emotional worlds could hardly have been more different, but the clubs involved in this football game are threatened with the same thing: relegation from the Bundesliga. The 2-0 win for the bottom of the table SV Darmstadt 98 at the penultimate 1. FC Köln evoked strong emotions.

First and foremost with the cathedral townspeople, who had to answer to their fans for the bankruptcy and had to listen to harsh words. What’s more: they should be ashamed of themselves, the hard core shouted at them from the curve – garnished with frightening expressions. Fear of relegation at its peak. At the same time, on the other side of the field, Darmstadt footballers and coaches lined up in front of the 4,000 fans who had traveled with them and celebrated.

Captain Kempe: “It feels brutally good”

Not for the season, which has long since gone to shit from South Hesse’s perspective, but for the moment. For a Bundesliga victory, the third this season, the first since October 2023. For a committed performance despite (almost) certain relegation to the second division. For the will to make the four-game farewell tour easier for our own fans with happy memories.

“I am very happy that we have once again given the city of Darmstadt and our fans a Bundesliga victory,” said Lilien coach Torsten Lieberknecht. “It feels brutally good,” added captain Tobias Kempe.

The Darmstadt team weren’t brutally good in the pick-packed Cologne stadium, but they were simply good enough to take down the desolate, scaredy-cat footballers from the local FC. In the first half with a confident defensive performance, in the second with quick counterattacks. Just after the goal to make it 1-0, which Christoph Klarer scored from a corner (57′), there were a few spaces for the guests, which Oscar Vilhelmsson was able to make best use of to make it 2-0 (90′). “The boys implemented the tactical content well,” praised Lieberknecht.

Collect beautiful moments

As beautiful as the moment was, “incredibly good for the lily soul,” as Klarer put it, things continue to turn out badly tabular overall situation The Darmstadt protagonists did not want to shake this assessment either. “We are totally realistic. It’s hard to believe in the big miracle,” said coach Lieberknecht. The defeat in Mainz two weeks ago pulled the plug.

If the impression is not misleading, 1. FC Köln could have had a similar experience on Saturday. From a Darmstadt perspective, another good news of the afternoon: duels against the big traditional club from the Rhine are really highlights. Especially in league two.

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