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Daily Faceoff Live: Trade speculation surrounding Anaheim Ducks’ John Klingberg

Matt Larkin and Steven Ellis welcome Daily Faceoff President Frank Seravalli to the guest seat as Seravalli talks about potential trade targets and what’s going on around Anaheim Ducks defenseman John Klingberg.

Matt Larkins: Frank, I know John Klingberg of the Anaheim Ducks is one of the names you put down at the start of the season as one of the names that could be given out because we’ve seen the Ducks fall so quickly that writing was on the wall. What do you hear about Klingberg?

Frank Seravalli: No, I think it’s been pretty quiet. A lot of teams have seen the dip in Klingberg’s play and some of that is inevitable with the team play that surrounds him and I think teams have a hard time thinking ‘did he drop?  » Or « is it the lack of support in Anaheim? » They really only have three genuine NHL defensemen on their roster right now and I think that’s impacted everyone and it’s been a bit of a miserable season for Klingberg. He lingered in the market for a while, goes to Anaheim and gets $7,000,000 in his back pocket and thinks « okay, I’ll be knocked down on the deadline, I can have a good year and cash out » and it doesn’t look like it will. I don’t think a big contract is headed his way unless he has a magic playoff run and at this point the Ducks were hoping there would be a more robust market for Klingberg which many see as the first versatile defender available but I’m not even sure that’s the case right now.

You can watch the full episode here…

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