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Dafni Bokota: I have made a Eurovision presentation mounted in a cage, I received a lot of war

Apocalyptic appeared Daphne Bokota in her new TV appearance.

Dafni Bokota gave a full interview to the camera of the show “Elene” and the journalist Fotini Laspa where she mentioned Eurovision and the period when she worked at ERT.

“I’m hurting myself because I’ve never been a career woman. From the moment I had my son I was very involved with him. I would never sidestep things for my career,” Daphne Bokota initially said.

Dafni Bokota then said: “In ERT I never did what I wanted, but what ERT dictated to do. I have made a Eurovision presentation uploaded in a cage. I faced a lot of war at Eurovision and I was stubborn, because I didn’t want the opinion to prevail that it is a stupid festival.

At Eurovision I was the breakwater for all the performers. I miss television, because my relationship with it was cut off very abruptly. It’s my big repressed song. If I was offered to sing on a musical stage, I would do it.”

In closing, Dafni Bokota said: “My personal life did not bring me what I wanted, it owes me. I am a very solitary person, but also very communicative. My 24-year-old son and I kill each other, but we also love each other very much.

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We have an authentic and honest relationship. The relationship with the passing time hurts me. It is a great blow of fate.

I would love to play a one-act play on a stage. I have it with myself, with my own choices and reactions to situations.”

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