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A medical miracle, that's what the story of a seventy-six-year-old patient who came...
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Czech hockey players found their first conqueror at the WC. They succumbed to Switzerland after raids

For the first time at the world championship, the Czech national anthem was not played in Prague’s O2 arena. The home hockey players lost for the first time in the third game of the tournament. They were not enough against the Swiss, who lost 1:2 after separate raids. The Czechs were able to erase the loss thanks to Matěj Stránský’s power play goal. It was the striker from the Swiss Davos who was the only accurate executor in the raids, Kevin Fiala established himself for the opponent and Philipp Kurashev scored the decisive goal.

The Swiss, who did not lose a single point in the opening two games, led after the first period. In a battle between two undefeated teams in front of 17,413 spectators in a sold-out auditorium, forward Kevin Fiala of Czech origin opened the scoring in the power play, who strengthened the opponent on the day of the match. Matěj Stránský also equalized in the numerical advantage in the 36th minute.

Stránský is the only one of Czech team made his mark in raids as well, Fiala and Kurashev scored for the Swiss. The national team lost to an unpopular opponent at the World Cup for the third time in a row.

Czechs have a day off on Tuesday. On Wednesday, they will play against Denmark from 16:20.

Edit of the match Switzerland – Czech Republic:

Source: Youtube

It was played for a long time without much excitement with both sides emphasizing a good job in defense. In the 13th minute, Kukan found Hischier brilliantly, but Dostál managed to move quickly and kept the scoreless.

But after his intervention, he ended up on the Bertschy ice after a fight with Červenka, and the captain of the home team had to go to the penalty bench. In the power play, the defending Czech quartet left too much space for Fial, who hung the puck close under the top post. Dostál conceded for the first time in the championship after 78 minutes and 36 seconds.


Only ten shots in the period

The ratio of shots on goal, which was equal – 5:5, spoke best about the careful course of the first part. With a tight lead, however, the Swiss went to their cabins more satisfied.

David Pastrňák could appear in the national jersey at the World Cup in Prague

Star signings for the national team? Both Pastrňák and Nečas could make it to the WC in Prague

In the 27th minute, Tomášek checked Genoni’s attention with a sharp shot. Dostál didn’t let himself be put to shame either, when Fiala finished the number two to one by himself in the 34th minute, the Czech goalkeeper pushed his attempt away with his shoulder.

Moments later, a fist exchange followed, after which both sides exchanged blows. Just five seconds later, Siegenthaler fouled out, and the Czechs equalized just 12 seconds later. Špaček charged Stránské into the circle, who without preparation blew Genoni through.

In overtime, Kempný finished from an interesting position, but Fiala helped his goalkeeper. On the other side, Kurashev narrowly missed and even on the second attempt, Kempný was unable to decide

He was the first to succeed in raids in the second series of Fiala, but Stránský evened the score with an exhibition finale. But while Kurashev also made his mark immediately after him, Tomášek did not succeed. And since Červenka and Flek were not successful either, the Swiss celebrated.

Czech Republic – Switzerland 1:2 after sam. raids (0:1, 1:0, 0:0 – 0:0)

Goals and saves: 36. M. Stránský (D. Špaček, Červenka) – 14. Fiala (Hischier, Josi), deciding single. raid Kurashev. Converted raids: M. Stránský – Fiala, Kurashev. Unconverted raids: O. Kaše, Tomášek, Červenka, Flek – Andrighetto, Loeffel, Josi. Referees: Ansons (Lat.), Schrader (Germany) – Durmis (SR), Nyqvist (Sweden). Exclusion: 6:5. Usage: 1:1. Spectators: 17,413.

Czechia: Dostál – Gudas, Krejčík, Rutta, Kempný, Kundrátek, Hájek, D. Špaček – O. Kaše, L. Sedlák, Červenka – D. Kubalík, Tomášek, Palát – M. Stránský, Kämpf, D. Voženílek – Flek, Kondelík , O. Beránek. Coach: Rulík.

Switzerland: Genoni – Glauser, Josi, Kukan, Siegenthaler, Loeffel, Marti, Fora – Ch. Bertschy, Hischier, Fiala – Andrighetto, Jäger, Niederreiter – Simion, Senteler, Herzog – Ambühl, Thürkauf, Kurashev. Coach: Fischer.

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