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Czech football hooligans went on a rampage across the border. There hasn’t been a fight like this in a long time

Central Europe has not experienced such a brawl of football thugs for a long time. Czech thugs from Baník Ostrava from the entire Moravian-Silesian region also joined it. Blood flowed, the match had to be stopped early.

District Court in Ostrava.

| Video: Diary/Jaroslav Perdoch

Penalties are now falling. Thanks to international cooperation, the District Court in Ostrava also issues verdicts. One of them fell these days. It concerns a previously convicted mining rioter. More big problems await him now.

Specifically, it is a rampage during of the Slovak football league match between Trnava and Slovan Bratislava from October 2021. The most famous Slovak derby between the two best clubs, which was supposed to be a celebration of football, turned into a brutal brawl on the pitch.

Dozens, maybe even hundreds of thugs from several countries joined the battle that started a quarter of an hour after kick-off. The match was first interrupted and eventually ended prematurely. It was one of the biggest brawls in Central European stadiums in recent years.

“That shouldn’t have happened. We saw an averted and very bad advertisement for Slovak football,” Róbert Vittek, the former Slovakian representative, did not understand.

Trnava's match with Slovan was interrupted by football hooligans.Trnava’s match with Slovan was interrupted by football hooligans.Source:

“It should have been a celebration of football, instead it was a celebration of absolute unfairness and shame. I feel sorry for everyone who witnessed this. I would never let my child do something like that,” even the famous Slovak hockey player Marián Gáborík reacted sharply.

The derby between West Bromwich and Wolverhampton was interrupted by fan fights.

Bloody fights at football in England. Hooligans disrupted the derby, fear for the families of the players

They not only ran onto the lawn hooligans from Trnava and Slovan Bratislava. Fans from friendly clubs from abroad, including the Czech Republic, also participated. It was most likely a pre-planned event. Fans of Baník Ostrava and Polish Katowice came to support Trnava, reinforcements from Zbrojovka Brno, Wisla Kraków and Rucha Chorzów arrived for Slovan, information also appeared about Austria Vienna.

Source: Youtube

Both clubs were fined a total of 55,000 euros (roughly 1.4 million crowns) by the Slovakian disciplinarian for the unfinished derby, and fans of both camps had limited access to three and four matches, respectively.

In addition to the Slovak police, the Moravian-Silesian police and our courts dealt with the case and are still dealing with it. “As part of international cooperation with the Slovak Republic, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Trnava requested, with reference to the European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters, to take over the criminal cases of perpetrators of criminal activities on their territory, in connection with the disturbance at the football match in Trnava – Slovan Bratislava,” said Pavla Jiroušková, spokeswoman for the Moravian-Silesian police.

They know them well

The police officers know the environment of Baník football hooligans well and were able to identify some of the participants in the brawl in Trnava. “Moravian-Silesian criminal investigators, who specialize in spectator violence, have cooperated with their colleagues from Trnava since the beginning of clarifying the case, especially when establishing suspects,” confirmed Jiroušková.

The investigation was conducted across the region, namely in Ostrava, Karviná, Nové Jičín and Opava. More charges could be filed.

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VIDEO: Turkish football is in chaos. Fans fought with Fenerbahce players

So far, the last convict is JZ (34 years old) from Ostrava, who went on a rampage with pyrotechnics at the Trnava stadium. The District Court in Ostrava recently imposed a sentence of six months on him with a conditional suspension of fourteen months’ probation in the form of a criminal order. If he breaks the law during it, the conditional sentence may be converted into a non-conditional sentence, i.e. prison. The man had already been convicted of disorderly conduct in the past. The verdict is final.

Several judgments have already been passed on the fans of Baník Ostrava, who joined the fight at the Trnava stadium. For example, a fine of 40,000 crowns fell on a man who was convicted in 2020 for participating in the assault of Opava fans to a three-year suspended sentence with a five-year probationary period. A year later, during his probationary period, he took part in a brawl in Trnava. This could have serious consequences for him, he is threatened with the conversion of a suspended three-year sentence from 2020 to prison.

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