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Cruzeiro fans demand greater presence from Ronaldo

Ronaldo in Cruzeiro's match in the Brasileirão Feminino to illustrate Cruzeiro's SAF manager who planned reinforcements in the middle of the year

Credit: Ronaldo

Since December 17, 2021, when Cruzeiro became a Football Corporation (SAF), the management led by former player and businessman Ronaldo Nazário’s objectives were to reduce the club’s institutional crisis, refinance stratospheric debts and bring the team to the elite of national football.

Between mistakes and successes, one of the biggest criticisms from fans today is the distance between part of the club’s management and its fans.

As the thinking is now business, it is possible that some people in management do not come from Minas Gerais or even from Cruzeiro.

A recent example was the suggestion by Gabriel Lima, the club’s CEO, that Cruzeiro send your games at Arena MRVrecently opened stadium of arch-rival Atlético Mineiro.

Other controversies are also part of the relationship between SAF management and fans, such as the redesign of the Raposão mascot, changes to the uniform and the dismissal of the club’s iconic players, such as goalkeeper Fábio and Célio Lúcio, from the coaching staff.

Ronaldo and SAF Cruzeiro

After years of poor management that resulted in a relegation to Serie B that lasted three long seasons, the management of Tara Sports, Ronaldo’s company, took over management.

There is no doubt that a good job has been done: in 2022, Cruzeiro won Série B and fairly gained access to the Brasileirão elite.

However, the team’s performance in 2023 has left to be desired. The team’s best position in the table was third place during the fourth round of the Brasileirão, when they beat Santos at Independência, home of América-MG.

Since then, the club has remained in an average position in the table, between 10th and 12th place, presenting football that is affordable but not exciting.

Another concern is the instability of the team’s coaches. This season alone, Cruzeiro reached three: Paulo Pezzolano, Pepa and Zé Ricardo, the latter without good results so far, which has increased the pressure on Ronaldo.

Cruzeiro’s next game

Cruzeiro will face Cuiabá next Sunday (08), at 6:30 pm (Brasília time) at Arena Pantanal for the 26th round of the Brasileirão.

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