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Create a nightclub… during the day, the daring bet of this town in Seine-et-Marne

The Villenoy social and cultural center has created a daytime nightclub for people with disabilities.
The Villenoy social and cultural center has created a daytime nightclub for people with disabilities. ©The Marne

the social and cultural center Marie-Jeanne Bassotat Villenoy, has been constantly talked about since its inauguration last October. And for good reason. Almost all the events offered on its premises are sold out: magic show, oriental evening, outing to the Louvre and even new events in Seine et Marne !

Indeed, Tuesday, January 24, 2023, from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., took place the first day disco, intended for a public in a situation of disability of all ages, from 16 years old. And for the occasion, the team of the social and cultural center has put the small dishes in the big ones: entries on reservation, tickets for a free drink distributed to each of the participants, VIP tables allocated to each of the institutions present, without forgetting the presence of a real DJ for a guaranteed “nightclub” atmosphere. Everything has been thought out to allow guests to feel like real clubbers.

134 people on the dance floor

In total, 4 different institutions were able to come and enjoy the event, namely: the Gabrielle center, the Marronniers accommodation center, the ADAPEI 77, and the Ourcq EPMS. In all, these are not less than 134 people who answered present to come and tread the dance floor of the 1871 room, in Villenoy.

Elisa Issouf, specialist educator and family referent at the social and cultural center Marie Jeanne Bassot, explains: “The observation that I have made for years is that people with disabilities do not have no meeting place between them. We talk a lot about inclusion, but we don’t leave room for them to include each other”.

She continues: “The slogan of the social and cultural center is “come as you are” and with the members of my team, we wanted to allow people with disabilities to have a place for themselves (…) without asking questions , without having to pay attention to the looks of others (…) just be yourself. »

They leave with a smile on their face

Regarding the choice to organize this party during the day rather than in the evening, as in real nightclubs: “There are a lot of external people and this public does not have the possibility of going out at night. By organizing it during the day, they can be accompanied by their educators. »

One successful bet for the team of the social center, because, on the spot, there is no more difference.

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All dance, sing, smile, have fun and without any distinction. The good atmosphere is at the rendezvous, because hardly the step of the door crossed, that some participants run unleashed on the dance floor. They jump, raise their arms, sing loudly, in short they enjoy!

At the time of departure, it is a wave of thanks that the team receives. “Thank you for the organization, it was great! says one of the supervising educators, before leaving, “it was great, thank you! adds another, with a smile on his face, while a woman wipes away the tears of a young participant who no longer wanted to leave.

An inclusive event which is part of the policy of the municipality and which give me other ideas to the team of the social and cultural center of the city.

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