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Court of Saint-Malo: the face in blood after having received a pan blow

A nasty hematoma on the head and 12 days of ITT: that's what the victim's blows from his spouse cost him.
A nasty hematoma on the head and 12 days of ITT: this is what the victim’s blows from his spouse cost him. ©Illustration Goffkein / Adobe Stock

When the gendarmes arrived at port of la Hisse, on the banks of Rance, on October 22, 2022, the victim has “the head stained with blood”. She explains to the soldiers having received a blow from the saucepan. Dishes that will leave him a villain hematoma on the head and 12 days of ITT.

Blood all over the boat

Drunk, she confides with difficulty to the soldiers that an argument broke out, a few moments earlier, with her companion whom she does not want to denounce. “But I don’t remember why we fought.” The couple lives on a boat where the gendarmes find blood everywhere, from the hull to the rail.

Three months later, this Thursday, January 19, 2023, the companion is tried for domestic violence before the Court of Saint-Malo.

We had spent the afternoon drinking, a pack of 12 beers each. And then the discussion degenerated, we started kicking each other.

“The dog travels more than you”

As for the reason for the dispute, he leaves the courtroom speechless:

She didn’t appreciate me telling her that my dog ​​had already traveled more than her…

6 month suspended sentence

The defendant was found guilty and given a 6-month suspended prison sentence.

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