The idea of ​​helping came from one of the players, Kristýna Vykopalová, who spent long weeks in the pediatric oncology department in University Hospital Brno. Word got around and the entire project was completed last year.

The daring acts caught the eye

Young sportswomen were not afraid to reveal their bodies and took bold photos calendar for 2024. Interest in its purchase exceeded expectations. “We managed to collect an incredible 87 thousand crowns. We had to use part of this amount, exactly 42 percent, for production costs – printing calendars,” she informed Daily project manager Nikola Zahradníčková.

The young footballers of 1.SK Prostějov took a photo of a bold calendar for the year 2024. Photo: Josef Popelka, with permission

VIDEO: Football players from Prostějov in a daring calendar. Last pieces left

The remaining amount, equal to 50 thousand crowns, was sent to the account Krtek Children’s Oncology Foundation. “I’m very happy that it finally worked out. If it weren’t for two acquaintances, we wouldn’t have made it to the end, that’s where the biggest thanks go. But I appreciate everyone who bought at least one and supported us!” said the manager.

Selfless help deserves a bow

“I also have a lot of respect for the people I approached and who participated in the project. It was a ride that we managed and I’m extremely happy for it,” commented Nikola Zahradníčková, adding in conclusion: “The wish came true, help was provided where it was needed and I’m actually already thinking about what we could do next.”


The female soccer players of 1.SK Prostějov donated the proceeds from the sale of bold calendars to the Children's Oncology Foundation Krtek.  Photo: 1.SK Prostějov, with permissionThe female soccer players of 1.SK Prostějov donated the proceeds from the sale of bold calendars to the Children’s Oncology Foundation Krtek. Photo: 1.SK Prostějov, with permissionSource: Daily/VLP Externista

Idea – Kristýna Vykopalová
Project manager – Nikola Zahradníčková
Helping hand – members of the management of the club 1. SK Prostějov, namely Ivan Polák and Tomáš Čepa
Makeup artists – Petra Répalová, Romana Dostalová
Photographer – Josef Cinderella
Models – Iveta Tanenbergerová, Nela Hrazdilová, Nikola Zahradníčková, Veronika Zapletalová, Vendula Vyhlídalová, Nikola Oršelová, Karolína Ležanská, Karolína Koudelková, Viktorie Suchánková, Kristýna Vykopalová, Kristýna Halgašová, Michaela Chlupová