A doula helps women with pregnancy, childbirth and the subsequent care of the baby in the postpartum period.

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Tuberous sclerosis is a rare genetic disease. In the Czech Republic, about a thousand patients struggle with it. Among them, little Kubík:

Little Kubík has been fighting a rare genetic disease since birth.  Tuberous sclerosis causes, among other things, lymphedema, which makes his left hand much larger than his right.  This is a rare symptom of the disease.

Kuba’s life was saved by a virus. His battle with a serious illness is watched by thousands of people

The doula answers the questions Markéta Verbíková:

What can a doula offer a mother physically and psychologically?

Passing on important and practical information, support, calming, care for body and mind. A doula has a whole range of options for working with a pregnant woman during pregnancy and at the same time preparing for the arrival of the baby.

A doula accompanies the woman, preferably continuously, throughout the entire pregnancy:

The roles of doula and midwife overlap in some parts.

Counseling with a doula: Empathy, support and respect for women are among the greatest values

My wife and I go through all the vital information about the course of childbirth (physiology of childbirth, interventions and their effect on childbirth, pain relief, etc.), we deal with the current progress of the pregnancy, examinations and perhaps even what the woman is entitled to by law. I also place great emphasis on the period six months and the fourth trimester, for which I try to prepare women as best as possible. And then, of course, there is psychological support, calming and tuning in to childbirth, with which techniques can help, for example hypnobirthwhich I pass on to women.

The doula introduces the mother to the primary care of the baby:

A doula accompanies a woman and expectant fathers throughout pregnancy.

Counseling with a doula: Doulas are educated throughout their life, but their direction may vary

How we feel also affects our physical body (and therefore childbirth) to a certain extent. In pregnant women, these feelings multiply even more under the influence of hormones. The support and care of a doula brings relief from fears and anxieties that women may carry with them during pregnancy. A doula helps to reduce stress, pressure and thereby helps a woman to be more confident and self-confident.

What not to buy for a baby or unnecessary accessories:

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