A doula helps women with pregnancy, childbirth and the subsequent care of the baby in the postpartum period.

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At the same time as taking care of young children, many women think about the possibilities of maintaining their working career and developing their skills:

We help women on parental leave who want to realize themselves professionally and do not want to be completely cut off from their field for three years.

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And what were you interested in this time? Questions about motherhood are answered by a doula Markéta Verbíková:

Can a doula be present at a hospital birth or only at home births?

That doulas are only “helpful” at home births is unfortunately one of the rumors that are still circulating in society. Surprisingly, the opposite is true. Most of the doulas accompany women especially to births in the maternity ward, where their supporting role is very important (even for partners).

Markéta Verbíková is a mother herself.  She and her husband are raising a daughter and a son.Markéta Verbíková is a mother herself. She and her husband are raising a daughter and a son.Source: Courtesy of Markéta Verbíková

It is in the maternity ward that women can encounter uncertainty and fear, which can slow down the birthing process. As a doula, I help a woman create safe birthing environment and thanks to other techniques (massage, rebozo, aromatherapy) bring her back to herself and childbirth.

How are medical complications dealt with at home births?

Here I would like to start with factual information. We know from studies, e.g. from Canada and Holland, that home births are even better/more advantageous than births in a maternity hospital for women with multiple births. If a woman has a physiological pregnancy and is present at the birth i midwife the occurrence of risks and complications is low.

Pioneer of children’s horror in the Czech Republic:

Writer Jan Hlubek.

Horror films help children manage crisis situations, says writer Jan Hlubek

If the midwife assesses that the birth is not going as it should, the woman is transferred to the delivery room. The midwife has a wide range of options in how she evaluates the course of childbirth, and thanks to this, the vast majority of complications can be caught in time.